Sunday, September 28, 2008

Death of a Screen

By Pauly

I had been in London for about two hours when one of my nightmares came through... my laptop died while I was aboard in a different country. The screen is busted.

I have to wait until I get back to America to get it fixed. I still think it's under warranty. That won't be until mid-October.

With 2 work assignments, deadlines for freelance clients, and having to maintain up to six different websites, I sorta fucked.

Plus I have several thousands words and new writing ideas which I penned during my brief trip to Amsterdam... of which is only saved on my hard drive. Never had a chance to back those up.

My Sunday afternoon will include a search for a cheap laptop which will get me through the next few weeks.

I had one laptop last for 3 years on the road until it died last summer. The new one last 13 months before it crapped out.

Looks like I'm getting a British laptop. Hopefully I won't get raped in a price.

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