Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two More Days

By Pauly
Atlantic City, NJ

There is a light. I can see it. Just over the horizon. Two more days of work. Time-wise? Have no clue how many hours it will take to end this tournament series.

I got off early last night and spent most of that bonus time catching up on email, writing an article, and drinking with AlCantHang. I'm trying to get as much solo one-on-one time with Al since I'm not going to the Bash. I'll be somewhere in transit from Amsterdam to London on the day of the party.

I like the Borgata. Atlantic City is blah. But I can see the ocean from my room. I get to cross the Atlantic and head to Europe next week. That could not come soon enough.

I am sick of the food, though. You explore almost every option inside a two week period. I have been eating salads from Lettuce Head or eating greasy breakfast sandwiches or the buffet.

I booked Denver for Halloween. But it's hard to think about that trip because I have a few others before hand. I'm focused on where I am today and where's I'm going tomorrow. Hard to think about trips that are two or three down the road.

The Russian stock market tanked the last two days. They had to suspend trading in consecutive days. That's how bad it got. The Ruskies are afraid of a total market collapse.

I'm thankful that I don't work on Wall Street anymore. I still love the rush... the gambler's high that I used to get on wild trading days. That jones is still there. Sometimes I think about poker and how those clowns think they're professional gamblers. Yeah, they might be pros as for as ego and tax purposes. But the real professional gamblers are the guys in the trenches of Wall Street wearing ties. Some say they have the future in their hands. But when they go busto, they look to Uncle Sam to get bailed out. And as the Joker asked last night, "Where does the money come from?"

Maybe this is a bad time to change careers? Or the perfect time to take some time off and just write...

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