Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Misgivings

By Pauly
New York City

I took it easy over the weekend. I could have pushed myself and did a ton of work but instead, I let all of that slide into today. Procrastination. Instead I watched a lot of sports with my brother. I also slept more than usual. Trying to catch up on the years of lost sleep and finally kick the cold/flu bugs that I acquired in Europe.

Alas, my Monday is jam packed with a ton of shit to do which sorta blows since I have to go up to Providence tomorrow. Which means a quickie post here.

I have been enjoying my time in NYC. I spend so much time on the road that the more time away, the more I miss NYC. I often get asked where is my favorite place to travel. Amsterdam and New Zealand are common answers. But the more time I spend away from NYC, the more I miss it and want to spend more time there.

I took advantage of the last week and did a lot of things that I can't do in other cities or when I'm living in Hollyweird or Las Vegas. I love riding the subways and compared to other cities, the NYC subway is really inexpensive.

I also spent a lot of time wandering around the city walking down streets that I had not walked down in some time. I like to people watch and I enjoy the flashbacks that I get when wandering aimlessly through the city. A lot of personal history on those streets. I often wonder when I'll move back.

I spent some time in Central Park. I missed the place and took a chance for a quick stroll before dusk on Friday. On Saturday night, I milled around the Upper West Side and was disappointed to discover that Yogis, one of my favorite NYC dive bars, had closed their doors. Lots of great memories there. I was at Yogis and watched Derek Jeter hit that infmaous home run in the 2001 World Series. I had just finished a Halloween concert (Medeski Martin & Wood) at the Beacon Theatre near by with Molly and I insisted that we pop into Yogi's to check the score. That's when I saw Jeter hit that homerun which occurred a few ticks past Midnight so they dubbed him Mr. November.

I have been thumbing through several old books that I have read many times before. Sometimes I'd rather re-read an old book than pick up a new book. I was sort of let down by two books that were recommended by friends. I guess I had such high expectations because they raved about it... which always ruins it for me. I like going into a book totally blank and like to form my own opinions. The books were solid but they failed to meet the raving reviews and high expectations.

Marty Beckerman sent me his latest book and I promised him that I'd write a review on Tao of Pauly. It's next on my list along with a book about Jerry Garcia's various interviews in Rolling Stone magazine.

My bathroom book has been one of my Christmas presents from last year.... Conversations with Woody Allen. Several gems inside that book that includes various interviews with Allen over the years.

Of course, I have been killing time in various bookstores in NYC, particularly random Barnes and Nobles stores on the Upper West Side. I love wandering around the Eastern Philosophy section and often pick out a random book and read for twenty minutes. When I used to be super broke, I spent plenty of time in the same stores reading newly released books or other texts that I never had the chance to read. I also used to read a ton of poker strategy books because I was always short on cash.

Over the last week, I brushed up on Budapest and read various travel guides. I bought a local street map and figured out where my apartment is located. I also discovered that I can take a tram to the casino. The stop is located a few blocks from the apartment. It will save me some walking time but then again I often like wandering the streets of cities I have never been before, especially in Europe.

I watched the Knicks and they look exciting with D'Antoni as the new head coach. I just can't wait until they dump Marbury. He's a cancer. He's been a cancer since he arrived.

The Rangers look solid despite their first loss of the season the other night. Too bad that I have to spent most of November away from NYC. I'd really like to watch the Knicks and Rangers these days since they totally sucked in previous years.

And the Jets? Ugggh. That game was ugly. Tons of penalties. Favre looked old and got banged up pretty bad. Derek and I couldn't believe how much the Jets blew several chances in OT. Yep, the Jets lose again in Oakland.

Band of Brothers has been on the History channel all weekend. We caught several bits of the epic series as we flipped back and forth between various sporting events. October is always a great time for sports with the baseball playoffs and being in the middle of football with hoops and hockey season on the horizon.

That's it. Time for me to work on a Truckin' story.

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