Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday Good

By Pauly
New York City

I had passed out earlier than usual, which meant that I woke up much earlier. I usually crash around 5am. Instead, I woke up at that time and wrote for a couple of hours. I worked on the second draft of my article about London for Bluff. I decided to go for a run. The weather was the perfect temperature for a morning run. I jogged two miles and although I felt sore, it was a good sore. My back has been wacky since the car accident in the summer. For the first time since then, it felt normal when I ran. The only pains I had were the shins and the knee. Just like old times. I'm used to that so I guess I'm slowly back to normal.

The run was good. I listened to Phish 10.31.98. Halloween in Las Vegas. I was there with Senor, his brother, and Ty. Awesome night and one of my top 10 Phish shows all time. I thought a lot as I slowly made my way through the hills of Riverdale. On my way back, I bought Kashi cereal and organic skim milk with bananas. Back to eating healthy despite the damage I put my body through on a daily basis by partying too much and not sleeping enough.

When I returned home, I rewrote a section of the London article and then sent it off to the editor. I jumped in the shower and when I got out, an email awaited me. He must have checked his email just as I sent the piece. He read it and had a positive response. I'm used to not hearing back from my clients. I prefer it that way. If I do hear back from them, it's almost usually a bad thing. But that instance, it was all good. I don't need positive affirmation in those areas because I don't write for approval. I write for money, so paycheck is enough. However, I had second thoughts about the London piece. So much so that I re-worked it after a morning run.

In the end I was glad that I made the right decision and it fit the mold. With writing and art, it's all about taking risks. Most of the time you fail. That time, I nailed it.

I finally got in contact with Dell about my busted laptop. I was on the phone for about thirty minutes or so and discovered that my warranty will cover any cost to repair it. They sent me a box. All I have to do is load up the laptop and ship it off to them. Hopefully it will be back before I leave for Budapest. For now, I have to use my British laptop. When I log into to check my email, there is a female British voice that says, "You have email." I actually kinda like that.

When I got off the phone, I cranked out a different column. The words flowed easily for that piece. I was done super fast that I had a whole chunk of free time. I rarely have those. I wandered over to the post office to send the Joker a book. The weather was amazing out. Almost 70 degrees. That's when I made the decision to hop on the subway and wander around Central Park.

I popped a pharmie and rode the subway while listening to my iPod. I wandered around Strawberry Fields and found my way near the Great Lawn. I used to have gym class there when I was in high school. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was very close and I impulsively wandered inside. I mainly needed to take a piss but I recalled that there was a special exhibit that I wanted to see. It was called Early Buddhist Manuscript Paintings: The Palm-Leaf Tradition. Suggestion donation is $20. I paid $1.

I wandered through the Egyptian Wing and made my way upstairs to the Asian Art section. I hung out in the Chinese courtyard for a few minutes before I wandered through the section that included art from Tibet, Cambodia, and Nepal. Seeing some of Angkor sculptures reminded me that I have to see Angkor Wat before I turn 40.

I checked out the Palm-Leaf paintings. Centuries old and super fragile. Yet the colors and images still held. Amazing and inspiring.

The Met have been doing tons of renovations over the last few years. It is constantly changing. I wandered around the new galleries of European Art. It used to be just 19th century painters but they added early 20th century to that section and renamed it the "19th Century and Early 20th Century European Painting." And they also renamed the former 20th Century section and now call it the Modern Art section. I checked out the canoe room in Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas which finally opened up after getting a facelift.

I headed up to the roof garden to check out the Jeff Koons sculptures. Swing and a miss. I headed back downstairs and bumped into an old work friend, Mark. He told me about the shark across the hall in the Modern Art wing. Damien Hurst had a real shark embalmed and put on display. Fascinating. He hit a home run with that.

I wanted to like the Giorgio Morandi exhibit but the work of the Italian painter just didn't click with me. Since it was located in the Lehman Wing, I also found my favorite Matisse painting. I sat down in front of it for a few minutes and listened to some Grateful Dead.

I wandered around the bookstore before I made my exit. It was time for a smoke break and I walked across the park over to the West Side. I was at Strawberry Fields again and decided it was time for a beverage. I walked a couple of blocks to P & G and sat down for a pint. I read a copy of the Village Voice and then hopped on the train to head back home.

I hung out with my brother and watched the Rangers game. They finally lost. Instead of the debate, we did the proper thing and got wasted while we watched Dazed and Confused. Man, I fuckin' love Wooderson.

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