Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lazy > Busy

By Pauly
New York City

There is a fine line between lazy and busy. Since my return to New York City, I have had bouts of sheer and utter laziness wrapped around moments of insane and frantic work.

I watched a lot of sports. Knicks suck. Rangers are still out in the front. Everyone in New York including the old Jewish guys at the Greek diner is starting to talk about a Jets/Giants Superbowl. And I'm like, hey Jets, let's first make the playoffs and win a first round game before we can talk about playing Eli and the Giants.

I have been playing online poker. On and off. A couple of private tournaments including Turkey Cup, which Daddy won. I had been on a losing streak at cash games when I was in LA and now I'm on a modest winning streak in New York.

I finished reading Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson which was an biography put together by Corey Seymour and Jann Wenner. Johnny Depp did the intro and Wenner insists that he never canceled Hunter's life insurance when he sent Hunter to Vietnam.

I was also blown away that late in his career, Hunter fucked up the opportunity to make $120K a year writing for Rolling Stone. He was offered a 1,500 word column for $10,000 a pop. That was over a decade ago. Sadly, Hunter either lost his writing edge or the endless amount of coke fried his brain and he was unable to construct all those paranoid rambling thoughts a coherent sentence. Shit, $10K for a 1,500 word article in Rolling Stone? That's my dream job - one monthly assignment that can more than pay for my entire expenses for the month.

I re-read excerpts from Conversations with Woody Allen.

I have been keeping an eye on BBC news for their coverage on the Mumbai attacks.

I have also been re-writing a lot of different drafts such as my Bluff column and Truckin' stories. I usually don't have the time to put into it my assignments and into Truckin'. However, I had some free time to work on those things. It felt good to actually get a second and third crack at a draft. I also worked on a different project - which included a lot of re-writing and editing. Not as much fun as writing.

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