Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wet Sunday

By Pauly
New York City

Sometimes I spend my Sunday mornings scanning It's a gambling/football thing. I'm seeking edges. The weather can be an edge. I'm checking up on the weather in certain cities because that can affect the outcome of a couple of games. It's going to be cold in Green Bay today. I just hope it snows a bit. Snow and wind can be good and bad depending on the circumstances. A colleague of mine in Australia wants to start a gambling website where you can bet on the weather. I love the concept.

And it's raining in NYC right now. So much for a Sunday morning jog. Or even if I was too lazy for a jog, which I was, I considered a nice morning stroll. The exercise would be nice and the time to clear the mind would have been even more welcomed. I contemplated a walk along Riverside Park with a spliff and a Radiohead bootleg. Alas, I stayed up too late on Saturday night as it bled into Sunday morning. I crashed for a couple of hours but my lazy self could not pull the trigger and head outside at 8am. Instead, I was the poster child for sloth and grabbed my laptop. I checked email and did my fantasy picks while I was still in bed.

It had been drizzling all morning but then it started raining. Steady. Then heavy. No one likes to walk in the cold and rain. And I wasn't about to. That's when I headed for I wondered what the status would be between 4 and 7pm. The Jets have a big late afternoon game at home against Denver. And at home means across the river in New Jersey. I'm still not 100% comfortable with the Jets playing out in New Jersey. Never been. And it's been decades since the migration from Queens to the Meadowlands. I'm a Yankees fan and never liked the Mets but I respected Shea Stadium all of these years because that's where the Jets played on Sundays.

The Jets and Brett Favre is a big game against Denver. I say it's a big game because Gang Green has to keep on winning, especially a big game at home against an inferior opponent. This will be the first time I get to watch a Jets game from my brother's couch in a longtime. I missed at least half of the football season this year because of work and travel obligations stuck working in places like London and Atlantic City on a Sunday. I caught a couple of games with Derek earlier in the season but over the last month, I was in Budapest and Vegas for work and did not watch any of the games. I was LA twice on a Sunday and one of the Jets game was on the NFL channel which I don't get so I had to watch bits and pieces of it online. I got lucky last week and CBS aired the Jets game in LA at 10am. That's was awesome. But this week, I have to wait until 4:15pm to get my fix.

About time I get to see a Jets game in NYC! Which means, I'll jinx them and they lose. Time to bet against the Jets. But then again, it's going to rain. Denver has to play in the snow, but can they play in a soggy Meadowlands?

I found an old Sidney Bechet CD and I have been listening to that while I write. Actually, it's while I re-write. Big difference. I prefer writing instead. Re-writing and editing is a chore when I don't feel as though I'm working when I'm cranking out words and words and words in a stream of consciousness. The more plodding and methodically aspect of re-writing is exhausting because it takes a higher level of focus. MeanGene and Nicky both mentioned that they loved that part about writing. I guess that I'm a one take or in the moment kind of writer. First drafts are always the funnest part. It's like smoking a fresh/green hit of ganja. Re-writing is like scrapping the inside of your bong and drudging up resin to smoke like a desperate junkie.

Late nights, my editing and writing binges have been fueled my non-drowsy cold medication and Dr. Brown's black cherry soda. The meds give me a small dose of speed to keep me up. By no means am I high. It just keeps me pecking away at the keyboard or when I'm re-writing it keeps my eyes from closing when I get too tired reading words and words and words and making sloppy corrections with a green sharpie because I can't find a red pen anywhere.

The Dr. Brown's is a throw back from my young. We drank a lot of soda when I was a kid and my mom would bitch and moan that we drank it too fast. She would only buy Coke or Pepsi... or whatever was on sale that day. Sometimes she bought RC Cola from the supermarket which was much cheaper and more syrupy. And once in a while we got a treat... Dr. Brown's cherry soda. That came around every blue moon and I would savor every single drop.

I'm not a soda person anymore. If anything, I'm an iced tea freak. But when I saw a six-pack of Dr. Brown's on the floor of my mother's kitchen, I sort of stole it for myself. Late nights around 2 or 3am, I slowly sip the Dr. Brown's cherry soda as I wait for the Sudafed to kick in.

I finished the biography about Hunter and have been reading random selections from Conversations with Woody Allen. Most of the time he gets very specific with random details about different flicks of his over the years. It's a big book and I bought a used copy for Nicky. I figured it would be good to have a copy on the West Coast and some of the passages could be helpful for Nicky's screenplay project.

I also have been reading different parts of The Paris Review Book. The actual title is... The Paris Review Book: of Heartbreak, Madness, Sex, Love, Betrayal, Outsiders, Intoxication, War, Whimsy, Horrors, God, Death, Dinner, Baseball, Travels, Art of Writing, and Every Else in the World Since 1953.

The literary mag that was edited by George Plimpton, released a hardcover book a couple of years ago for $30. It was the best of best of their literary magazine featruing interviews, short stories, and poetry. It's a massive 750 page anthology with scribblings from some of my favorite writers such as John Updike, Toni Morrison, and Nabokov.

I found a used copy one day for under $6 (including shipping charges). The Castle Rock, CO library was selling it on I figured the proceeds would go towards a good cause... the Castle Rock library system... so I bought it from them even though there were a couple of cheaper offers. At first, I was surprised that a volume of work that included several of the best writers in the history would fetch such a low price.

The rain subsided a bit. Time for breakfast.

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