Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Last Waltz? Wall Street Profiles in Panic and Other Random Links

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

First of all, this is a must read... Wall Street: Profiles in Panic (Vanity Fair)

Here's a bit:
With Wall Street hemorrhaging jobs and assets, even many of the wealthiest players are retrenching. Others, like the Lehman Brothers bankers who borrowed against their millions in stock, have lost everything. Hedge-fund managers try to sell their luxury homes, while trophy wives are hocking their jewelry. The pain is being felt on St. Barth’s and at Sotheby’s, on benefit-gala committees and at the East Hampton Airport, as the world of the Big Rich collapses, its culture in shock and its values in question.
And then here are a couple of random tidbits that the Human Head pointed out...

Internet Cables Cut to the Middle East (PC World)
Yeah, it's true. Three major telecommunication cables hat connect Europe and the Middle East have been cut. That left tons of people without internet service. Severed. Cut. Blackout. India lost 82%. Egypt lost 50%. Who did it?

Banking on Steroids (
Satyajit Das discusses his take on the 'Greatest Financial Fraud in History'.

Ah, and yes... Phish will return to Red Rocks this summer.

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