Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Other Tao

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

A handful of readers in this neck of the woods rarely stray over to the Tao of Poker due to the heavy gambling content on the breadwinner among my small blogging empire.

(Insert evil laugh here)

Ah, if that's the case, you missed two top notch posts that really could have been posted over here.

I encourage to take a peek at...

The Day the Music Died

Here's a bit...
Tommy Allsup, the guitarist in the Crickets, had the other seat locked up. Despite a morbid fear of flying, Ritchie Valens pestered Allsup all night to give up the seat. Allsup finally decided to let fate decide who gets the seat. They agreed to flip a coin. And here's where revisionist Hollyweird history fucks stuff up. In the film La Bamba, there's a dramatic scene on the snowy runway of Mason City airport where the coin flip took place. Except that did not happen. The coin flip took place backstage and not on the runway. The runway scene added a more dramatic effect for the film.

Where's My Bailout?

Here's a bit...
Major corporations went into the shitter and banks lost billions and billions of dollars on reckless gambling. Auto companies churned out oversized gas guzzling pieces of shit that no one wanted to purchase, so since those fat cats are lining up for a juicy government hand outs, I figure here was my chance to get in line behind homeowners with bad credit that never should have gotten loans in the first place, the crooks cooking the books at AIG, and those douchebags Freddie and Fannie. Man, if I ever see that bitch Fannie Mae walking down Nassau Street, I'm gonna punch her in the vagina.

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