Friday, March 20, 2009

Scouting Hoops and Locations

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

I forgot how much I missed the insanity and absurdity of March Madness and how someone like me gets to fully appreciate every aspect of the opening round when I can do nothing for four straight days except sit on the couch, rip bong hits, and recklessly gamble money on meaningless basketball games.

Oh, what might things arise from such trivial pursuits!

I went to Nick's coffeeshop and walked in and it was crawling with cops. They were on Obama motorcade/traffic detail. The President was in town to tape Leno and the LAPD had to play second fiddle to secret service, while the all mighty Obama got to crack retard jokes and dodge arrows from guys like Coach K from Duke, who was pissed that the Chief picked intra-state rival UNC over the Dukies. Boo hoo. Dean Smith would not have given a rat's ass. (At least Duke repsonded with a victory... and more importantly, they covered too, which hooked me up big time.)

I quickly ate my breakfast and rushed back to the apartment. I put in the last of my bets and then fired up the TV. I rarely sit on the couch and veg out for hours on end, so it was a treat to have the TV on from 9am for over 12 straight hours. I even watched several games online since CBS always fucked me and aired a game on TV that I didn't want to watch and all the games that I bet on happened to be online.

Commercials. Too many commercials. That set me on tilt, but since Showcase's commercial might come on, I sat through hours and hours of them. Yeah, I was hoping to see Showcases commercial, and I caught it twice in nine hours. It might have been on more, but I have no clue. He even stopped by for an hour of so while he was dogsitting. I had not seen that particular dachshund in a year or so. If you don't recall, the little hot dog loved to nibble on his nuts. Swear to God. The dog went to town on his weiner and then popped a massive chubby. He spent ten minutes straight chewing on his balls and cock. Of course, this went down while I watched the games as Showcase eagerly waited to catch a glimpse of his commercial. Sadly, it did not air during the time we hung out.

He asked if he could use my office to shoot a short film. He needed a location for a scene that took place in an office. It was perfect due to geographical limitations. The guy who lived upstairs was a cinematographer. He was going to shoot one of the scenes of the short film in his apartment and then run downstairs to my office and shoot that scene. It really simplified the shoot. I agreed and supposedly the director wants to stop by on Friday to "inspect the location."

How about that? The once barren room that Nicky renovated will be used in a film. In addition, I hope that they leave my paintings up on the wall... or at least one.

When Showcase left, I had to appear on Lou Krieger's radio show. They called my cell and we did the show that way. Of course, I had been partying all day and was a bit faded by the time we did the show... live... and I stumbled the first ten minutes, like I usually do because of nerves, but after that, everything flowed and I calmed down a bit. We talked a little bit about March Madness and a lot about highs takes cash games. Of course, I was a tad distracted with keeping my eyes on the game in the background.

And yes, during a sudden rabid case of the munchies, I ate an entire bag of Mint Milanos and drank an entire carton of Arnold Palmer's own iced tea/lemonade mix called... Arnold Palmer.

Just as March Madness ended on Thursday night, I hit three bets in a row that saved my ass. Instead of being down $500, I turned a small profit. It made me sleep like a baby.

So I keep tabs of Phish chatter on twitter. The funny thing is that late nights, most of the chatter is dominated by non-Phisheads and people who are eating Ben & Jerry's Phish Food and tweeting about their Midnight munchies... where as once the morning comes around, the Phishy chatter pops back up.

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