Saturday, April 25, 2009

Douchebags, Thesauruses, and Twitter

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

I simply posed this question to the Twitterverse...
"Seeking synonyms for the term 'DOUCHEBAG'. My editor for Lost Vegas book said I overused that word."
Within an hour, here were some of the responses...

@ChrisKPHall... If fuckneck and twatcandle don't win I'm gonna be pissed.

@CherieBomb... ToolBox / ToolHead

@wesjustice...The fact that you were asked to lower your d-bag count for this book is making me look forward to it even more.

@Lillian2611 I like "dink". As an insult. :eyeroll:

@gadzooks64...Out with douchebag and in with twathead says I

@Hokulea34... doucherocket was always one of my favs

@BobbyBracelet...Yank out your artists card and pull rank. D'bag is never used too often. Watch out or you'll be inserting a love story soon, too.

@hippietex.... I was about to tweet the very same question. The power of douchebag is lost by its overuse-need a new word

@EdReif....I suggest showing respect... as in Mr. Douche Bag

@Irongirl01... how about touch hole, moron, tool, in place of douche bag mix it up

@ChrisKPHall... fuckneck, twatcandle, goober, dofus, felchbreath imo

@myttazzmyttazz... syn for douchebag = DB, tool & editor also works. try it & see. all are interchange100able

@kymb... Resplendent pile of bovine excrement ???

@Augbesian... Jerkoff, Jagoff, Jackoff, Jerkstore, all fall into the Douchebag category.

@drubin14... asshat, numnuts, dickbag

@monkeyhammer... assclown, jerkoff

@YorkyPuds...Could you use twat in place of Douchebag or would that be pushing it?

@StB08... would he accept fuckstick?

@mw4dice... dirtbag, mofo, SF Brains

@ChrisHiter..."Skippies" "Scooters" and an alteration to douchebag "Douche Wagon or Douchewagon"

@jencreason... What abt Jerkwad? twat?

@jtwrigleyville... I'm starting to become a big fan of douchenozzle. I don't think the nozzle gets enough respect. Asshat and Assclown are good too.

@JoeSpeaker... dickhead, dickwad, shit-for-brains, hipster

@ohcaptain... Thanks @taopauly - Twitter is now flowing with all the synonyms for douchbag. Some of these I never knew. I need to try each in a sentence.

@AlCantHang... But the real question. Did you call your editor a douchebag when he said that

@MattVolk... I'm partial to the term 'jagoff'.

@MacAnthony... I've always liked asshat, twathead and assjockey

@willythewise... frozen kumquat (who eats shit like that)

@akatkin... Dickhead and ass-clown are always good descriptors. I also agree w/@iggylicious on fucktard.

@peacecorn... jackhole (thought i made up that word in the early 80's, but saw it on the internet)

@SirFWALGMan... Sorry I fail. I used that word 3 times in my blog post today.

@Katitude... my dad's favourite: retroactive abortion candidate

@PokerVixen... You could change a few to "douche" instead of douchebag.

@MariaHo... how about tool, toolbag (which is like a hybrid of tool and douchebag)?!

@sellthekids... basically looking for the douchebagginess of the word for "donkey" - fucksticks? assholes? dipshits?

@good43... asshat, assjack (personal fav), hoosier, dipshit, dumbass, bag, failbag, loser, waffles, sirfwalgman....

@AlCantHang... Asshat

@Iggylicious... urban dictionary recommended one of my favorites: fucktard.

@AstinTO... assclown? dingleberry? saline sac?

@genebromberg... there are no synonyms for douchebag. The word conveys a simple, universal truth and there are no adequate substitutes.
Thanks gang for all your help.

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