Monday, May 11, 2009


By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

My apartment search in Las Vegas has been somewhat complicated and downright annoying. I found a moderately priced apartment in a perfect location. It was exactly what I wanted. But Nicky quickly vetoed the place for safety reasons. All that research and emails back-and-forth was wasted.

I found a second place, but from the get-go the shady owner was trying to rip me off. He originally advertised $950/month for a two-bedroom and yet he quoted me $1,500. I told him that his original quote was too steep (let alone his new quote) and that I was not interested. He emailed me back and lowered his price by 10%. He spouted some bullshit about that he was doing me a favor and that he'd only be breaking even. In short, the guy was trying to play me for a chump.

I told him that I used to live in Las Vegas and that I knew a lot more than he gave me credit for. That's when he spouted off several lame excuses why he was justified in over-charging me. Then he tried the hard-sell and said that he was showing his place to several people this weekend and that I had to accept right away or he'll rescind the 10% discount. I wished him luck and noted that I'd be expecting an email from him on Monday morning meeting my latest offer.

Of course, on Sunday night he emailed me back several hours earlier than I anticipated. Either he had no one looking at the apartment or the ones who did also declined his ridiculous rents. He knocked another $100 off the rent, but refused to even come close to my final offer (which was $100 below his originally published rate). I simply deleted his email because he's a shyster and any more discussions about the apartment is just a waste of time.

You can tell a lot about someone during negotiations and I knew right away that he's someone that I don't want to deal with and he's definitely someone I don't trust. At this point, there's no way I'd actually sign over a "security deposit" to this guy. I already know that he's going to do everything in his power to keep it. Times are tough, especially in Las Vegas, a city full of liars and cheats and scumbags.

After stellar accommodations at Sheckytown in Summerlin last summer (pool + wii), it looks like I'm going to get stuck somewhere that I rather not be. I'm not thrilled with that prospect because it's very important for me be comfortable with my Vegas surroundings in order to enhance the creative experience. Working in a media room or in the press box is something that I must deal with 16-18 hours a day, but it's the solace of home which is something extremely important. A welcome escape from the insanity.

Luckily, last summer I had an entire area of the house all to myself and even got to write on Jen Leo's grandfather's desk. Lots of history there and I definitely feel as though my writing was positively affected by my peaceful environment in Scheckytown.

I got fucked this year because I had to wait to until three weeks before the WSOP began before Nicky found out about her work assignment. We could not make any plans until her deal was finalized. Relationships are give and take, but it seems as though I always get the short end of the stick in these instances when I have to defer to Nicky's employment situation.

So yeah, I tentatively marked down two weeks from today as my last possible travel day to Las Vegas and I don't have a place to stay. I was supposed to be spending this time relaxing on a beach in Malibu and reading books, but instead, I'm stressing out...

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