Tuesday, June 30, 2009


By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

I have eaten some odd things in the last few weeks. On Phish tour, I found myself living off of food prepared in parking lots (veggie burritos, grilled cheese, PB&J) or random greasy meals in eateries featuring Southern cuisine (Waffle House, Cracker Barrel, et al).

And in Las Vegas, I'm either eating high off the hog or low off the hog, depending on the time and circumstances. I went out to dinner with Nicky (it wasn't her birthday but ended up her birthday dinner by default) at Burger Bar which features high end Kobe beef burgers. And inside of a five day period, I ate at In-N-Out twice and All American Burger thrice (although I ordered the Buffalo chicken sandwich --- it needed more blue cheese).

I ate a sandwich from the Poker Kitchen that is anywhere from 33 to 50% smaller than last year's sandwiches. And I only ate one buffet. It was at the Gold Coast and cost $6.95. Since I was a guest of the hotel, I got $1 off. Wow. $5.95 buffet. They had a Spanish breakfast section and the chorizo and eggs were actually very tasty on a lukewarm biscuit.

The 24 hour cafe at the Gold Coast has been replaced by TGIF. That makes me a little sad. Sure, it's a 24 hour TGIFs and even serves breakfast in the morning, but it was inside that old coffeeshop/cafe where Otis ate two Keno crayons back in 2006.

I got creative at the diner we sometimes go to a few minutes away from the Rio. I ordered a bacon grilled cheese with two scrambled eggs on the side and add the eggs to the sandwich. It tastes much better than the breakfast sandwich they offer. Sometimes, you have to be creative.

The booze is almost non-existent this summer along with the pills. I left the demure Vicodin addiction on the road somewhere in Alpine Valley, WI. Although I shook it before the WSOP, I dabbled a bit on Phish tour. Nothing serious, just a little something to take the edge off during those mind-bending nights.

I have mixed feelings about the closing of the Tilted Kilt. It shut down last summer which means that I don't drink at all on dinner breaks, but I actually miss the food options that they served there. I absolutely miss the spicy ranch dressing that they made from scratch. Oh, and they served us super fast because we were huge tippers. These days? It's so hard to get decent service. It feels like I'm sitting in a cafe in Europe and dealing with a waiter who could give a rats ass about us.

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