Wednesday, June 03, 2009

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By Pauly
New York City

I ate two meals on Tuesday. Both were inside airports. That's the life I lead.

Sleep deprived. Brain drenched. I boarded another JetBlue flight. I et so used to being inside airports that I don't even think about airport runs. It's just second nature to me. Yet for some people, walking through a metal detector is the most diffcult thing they have ever done. Brain surgery. Painting the Mona Lisa. Walking through a fuckin' metal detector.

Of course, I always have stupid people in front of me in security lines. After all, if people were dumb enough to go to Las Vegas on a vacation and lose all their money, they are dumb enough not to know that metal object will cause the metal detector to go off.

My flight was normal. I watched Rachael Ray and ESPN and stuff about Alaskan national guard on the history channel. I tried to fall sleep. I passed out for five minutes at a time. I must have slept for 15-20 minutes at most.

The plane landed 15 minutes early. I ate at the food court at the new JetBlue terminal. I lucked out and there was no wait at the cab stand. At 7:45pm, there was no traffic heading into the city. I marveled at the skyline and the orangish glow that faded behind. The sun setting over the city. I had not seen that it a very long time. Made me miss the city even more.

After a few months in Los Angeles and a week long of insomnia and non-stop work in Las Vegas, I finally caught a whiff of sanity. And the pressure subsided. I didn't know how far in the shit I was until I left. That's how I kinda live life and treat the WSOP as an assignment. Nicky mentions that I'd be a method actor based on how I treat Las Vegas and covering the WSOP. Sort of hard to explain unless you've been there and left without any sense of decompression.

I went home and sorted through months of mail. It took over an hour to separate all the junk mail from the important items like paychecks, statements, and concert tickets. I had dozens of magazines including Rolling Stone and a two-foot high pile of different mail order catalogs.

I don't even look at the financial statements for the last two accounts that I have. I set them aside with the rest of the unopened statements.

I tore open a few Fed Ex envelopes and discovered my Phish tickets to Great Woods and Jones Beach. I sorted trough the rest of the mail and discovered an (old) invite my college's 15th anniversary. I laughed. Even if I saw it months earlier, I still would not have gone. Next year it's my high school's twenty anniversary. Guess what? Skipping that one too.

Funny thing? I had fun in both high school and college. Life is short. Time to make some new fun.

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