Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Tour Reviews

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Here are the some of the show recaps that I wrote while on Phish tour. I saw 12 shows in all and scribbled down nine recaps. I wish I had more time to polish them off, but I was short on time traveling in between venues. I wrote the Great Woods recap in the parking lot at Camden and I wrote the Pittsburgh and Deer Creek recaps the morning after in the back seat of Iggy's pick up as we drove to the next shows.

I never got around to writing about Knoxville or specifically about both Bonnaroo appearances. Stay tuned.

Anyway, here you go...
6.04.09 Jones Beach, NY
6.05.09 Jones Beach, NY
6.06.09 Great Woods, MA
6.07.09 Camden, NJ
6.09.09 Asheville, NC
6.18.09 Burgettstown, PA
6.19.09 Deer Creek, IN
6.20.09 Alpine Valley, WI
6.21.09 Alpine Valley, WI

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