Sunday, July 26, 2009

Double Feature: Shrink and Watchman

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

On Friday afternoon, Nicky and I had the opportunity to check out Shrink, which was released at one theatre in LA nearby. I think it was an advanced screening with the film set to be released in a few weeks.

Shrink features Kevin Spacey as a pot-toking shrink to Hollywood's elite. It's not so much a dark comedy as it is a heavy drama with plenty of hysterical moments. Plenty of Hollyweird cliches pepper the screen among the characters and the scenes, but most of them are spot on including a whoring starlet and a struggling writer trying to pre-package real world problems into an edible film script.

The third act was lame, much like every studio film these days that churn out a semi-happy ending even with the most flawed and fucked up characters.

Here's the trailer for Shrink...

Nicky tweaked her knee working out so she tapped into my pharmaceutical expertise to relieve the pain. I told her that a tube of Ben Gay would be fine during the post-workout, but I also suggested a half of a Soma (muscle relaxer) to help her sleep and allow her to avoid waking up with any tightness. The result? She passed out cold shortly before Midnight and slept for he next twelve hours. Me? I was stricken with a horrible batch of insomnia. I managed to get around three hours of rest (to contrast our sleep regimen, she got four times the amount of me) and the rest of the time I struggled to sleep.

What do I do when I have insomnia? I watched Sporstcenter. I played online poker and lost $300. I probably should have lost more. I wrote a short story and a half-a-post which I'll eventually clean up and publish. I listened to all of Beck's Odelay and then I finally gave up and decided to buy The Watchman via OnDemand. It cost $3.99 and it was almost three hours long. About midway through, I fell asleep for a total of five minutes, but when I woke up I was totally lost in the flick. They compact so much plot and story twists that I needed to rewind and see what the hell I missed. I nodded out towards the end and when I woke up on Sunday, I re-watched the last twenty minutes.

Here's the trailer for The Watchman...

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