Sunday, August 30, 2009


By Pauly
Los Angeles,CA

I had high expectations for Saturday and I fell short of the mark that I set for myself. I got lazy in the late afternoon and didn't push myself like I did the day before. I'm still on schedule with the re-writes but I missed an opportunity to stay ahead of schedule.

On Saturday morning, I met Bob for brunch at O'Groats. He had never been before and has been slowly adapting to life in LA. He's been here for over a month now and Nicky and I had to give him some background on earthquake kits. I told Bob to pick up a bunch of bottled water and a flashlight. That's like 90% of it. The rest is common sense.

I devoured my 2x2x2 breakfast at O'Groats, especially the chocolate chip pancakes.

On Saturday night, Nicky finally set up her new DVD player which she acquired for free by playing online poker. She accumulated enough frequent player points to earn a Sony DVD player. At least she got something for her addiction. Me? I played a shitload of online poker in the first half of 2009. I had enough points to buy a 120G classic video iPod. I got it for the massive amount of space to store music and I still have plenty of points leftover for a couple of bar stools. I know that Daddy and Derek wanted those.

After we set up the DVD player, we watched a couple of old Phish DVDs. The IT festival DVD featured commentary by an inebriated Trey Anasastio who was deep into his oxycontin phase at that point. You could see him scratching at random times, which got me all antsy. I started scratching and craved the same drug that he was abusing five years ago when the documentary about the IT festival was recorded.

Anyway, after we set up the DVD player, the cable went out when I accidentally pulled the plug out of the power strip. I plugged it back in and expected everything to be OK, except that this morning when we woke up, the cable service is fucked up. Poor Nicky has to spend her Sunday morning in customer service hell trying to pinpoint the exact problem even though everything appears to be normal.

Last night I had a horrible batch of insomnia. I guess I got too much sleep last week. I didn't want to get up when I didn't, but I had too much on my plate scheduled for today. So I forced myself to get up and start the day. Hopefully, a homemade batch of freshly brewed Earl Grey iced tea will do the trick.

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