Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finally Vacation... Almost

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

It's been a wild 30 hours.

I finally have a chance to sit down and write. The first thing on my mind? Miserly bastards.

I have one client that I agreed to do work at a deep discount. Essentially I saved them $2,000 for two months of work. I didn't do it for the money either -- it was a favor. Now they are refusing to pay a simple $30 bank wire fee. Why would I want to give Citibank any more money than they deserve? Plus all of my other clients pay the wire fee as a courtesy. For some reason this client is nickel and diming me. Why am I pissed? Let's see... I save them $2,000 and how do they pay me back? By refusing to pay me $30. A simple thank you would have sufficed, but that never happened. Instead I got an email complaining that I added $30 on my invoice.

Greedy bastards. This is the primary reason why I work for myself and work with a few select clients that appreciate the value of my work.

I felt bad that a buddy of mine was caught up in the crossfire. But I have to stand up for myself or these corporations will run right over me. This is money that can afford to pay it -- they just choose not to -- that's why I stood up to them.

Anyway, that was the only unpleasant moment in the last 30 hours. It's been a fun time otherwise.

I got a call late on Tuesday night from the Joker. There was a huge storm about to hit Colorado. He was worried that his Thursday morning flight would be cancelled, so he decided to fly out on Wednesday morning before the huge storm hit Denver. He arrived 30 hours earlier which threw a huge monkey wrench into our plans. Nicky and I were going to use Wednesday to clean the apartment, which would be a launching base for about 10 Phisheads heading out to their three-day Halloween concert called Festival 8. We had two major groups coming in from Colorado and Florida, not to mention a certain malcontent-chain-smoking Frenchman living in London and how could I forget about Disco Sister #1 from North Carolina.

So the Joker and two friends arrived on Wednesday morning while we still had deadlines to work on and a half-cleaned apartment. We scrambled to make things work. The Colorado boys rented their own car which saved us from a dreaded LAX trip.

I took the Colorado boys to my local coffeeshop. The Joker reads about it here (just like you do) and he wanted to see it with his own eyes. At the end of our breakfast four LAPD officers strolled in to add a dramatic effect to the meal.

Nicky sent them to Venice Beach while we finish up deadlines. We also drove to Whole Foods in Beverly Hills to buy supplies for the weekend and for a Thursday night chili feast that Nicky would serve during the Yankees game. While wandering around Whole Foods, I saw Kate Bosworth. At least, I think that was her.

We watched the Yankees game. One of the Joker's friends, Home Fry, is from Wyoming and he's a Yankees fan. We bonged out on the couch and watched Cliff Lee make mince meat of the Yankees lineup, while the Yanks bullpen blew it in the clutch. The Joker left at the 5th inning to get In & Out Burger. The culinary highlight of the day.

After a long day, everyone passed out after the game. I was so tired that I fell asleep while playing online poker. I woke up to watch Top Chef with Nicky and I kicked her ass in this week's episode for Fantasy Top Chef.

Anyway, we woke up early and I took the Colorado crew to breakfast at O'Groats. Then we loaded up on supplies at Ralphs running around while Michael Jackson's Thriller played on the PA system.

Now, it's the quite before the storm. The Florida crew will be wheels down within the hour and Benjo arrives just before the first pitch of Game 2 is tossed out. We'll have around 12 hours before we have to get ready for a three-vehicle caravan to Palm Spring where we link up with a friends from San Diego driving an RV to Festival 8.

Stay tuned for more info on Festival 8 and Phishy Halloween. Definitely check out Coventry Music Blog for updates. You also should follow me on Twitter along with our Coventry feed.

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