Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Morning Thought Farts

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I'm in one of those moods where my brain is scattered into one thousand different fractals and I'm trying to juggle too much information at the same time. The result is sensory overload.

I'm gonna pull a page out of my brother's style of blogging. He's a true Hemmingway disciple. Less is more. Short powerful sentences.

I scored tickets to all three Phish concerts at Madison Square Garden the week after Turkey Day. I'm pumped to take the subway to the show instead of having to travel lengthy distances to see my favorite touring band. One night, Nicky and I will be sitting behind the stage.

I woke up with sun shining on a happy sunny Saturday. The weather in NYC is not as peachy keen at the present moment. The weatherheads expect rain today which might affect tonight's ALCS match up between the Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of USA of North America of Earth. Game 6. If the Yanks win, then they return to the Word Series. If not, it's Game 7 with CC on the mound.

My buddy Chicago Bob came over to watch the football games last weekend. We watched the highlights on a snow-covered field in New England, while sitting in shorts and a t-shirt, Chicago Bob remarked, "This is the time of the year that I'm glad I moved to SoCal."

My latest addiction is apple fritters. I buy them in Little Ethiopia. A shooting went down yesterday only a few block from the spot where I shop. The suspect was on the loose and running through the streets of the slums of Beverley Hills. LAPD copters hovered in the chem-trail free sky above our hood.

I started using a mouse with my laptop. I have never done that before and thought it was lame. Man, was I wrong. So many benefits. However, a mouse becomes unusable in tight situations (like firing up my laptop while sitting in a row of seats at Gate 4a at Long Beach Airport) or when I sit on the crapper and sift through my email.

I trimmed some fat on Twitter. Malcolm Gladwell says that 150 is the tipping point for groups. I current follow 228 people/entities on Twitter after making a huge cut over the last few days. I also added a couple of folks. 228? That's about 78 too many. I discovered that there were people who stopped following me so that made the decision easier for me to cut them because I only followed them initially because they started following me.

I don't care if someone follows me or not. But that's not the case on the other side of the fence. Sometimes those high school antics of social media is one of the reasons why I loathe the entire concept. I feel trapped and unable to unfollow them. I guess that I have feelings after all?

Wait. That's bullshit. I should unfollow those people that don't mesh with my personal tastes. It just clogs up my feed and makes it harder to sift through the static. I might be doing them a favor. "Why don't you follow me anymore?" The responses are so many. Too many tweets. Too much whining. Some of my favorite tweets (@SnailTrax for example) are like delicious and nutritious meals. While others are junk food. I need to go on the Slimfast Twitter Diet.

We have less than one week to Halloween. I have less than 72 hours to get all my work done. Otherwise, I'm fucked.

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