Thursday, October 22, 2009

Selective Voices of Reason

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I'm a news junkie. Well, I should say that I'm a recovering news addict and spent the last few years in rehab. I've been a news hound since I was a wee one. I loved newspapers during their golden era. My father bought two papers every day and the NY Times on the weekend. I saw TV news as "breaking news" and news being reported upon as it is happening instead of reading large pages of black and grey ink that sometimes made my hands dirty.

CNN's coming out party was the first Gulf War. I watched it on TV while drinking cans of beer during my freshman year in college. From that moment on, CNN became one of the primary places to get your news. Ted Turner's former claim to fame was airing episodes of The Andy Griffith Show at 5 minutes past the hour on his "superstation" and trying to colorize classic movies that were shot in black and white. But no one remembers that anymore, at least I don't when I think about Ted Turner, who these days is trying to wrangle control of his old media empire. Old Ted got bored with trying to own 96% of all non-government property in New Mexico and wants to get back into the news business. So much has changed in the last two years let alone the last twenty.

As the alphabet news programs grew -- so did the static and the underlying angle shooters in the government or big business who were manipulating the media outlets to get slanted coverage in their favor (or at the best slanted coverage against their mortal enemies). Over the last twenty years, cable news has morphed into a lucrative business and tremendous tool of spreading propaganda and brainwashing the masses.

If it's on CNN, then it must be true. Right? Those bullets and tracers whizzing through the Baghdad sky in 1991 were real. But Balloon Boy? It can't be a hoax? Weapons of mass destruction? Nah, our government wouldn't lie or mislead the world? Neither would journalists since they have a sense of morality, integrity, and adhere to a code of honor -- that is the ones who are willing to do work for no pay.

Otis strongly argues that Balloon Boy is your fault. I never left a comment on his post. I wanted to say, "I shouted out, 'Who killed the Kennedys?' But after all, it was you and me."

At this point, I really don't care about cable news because it's all static. The media was supposed to keep an eye on the government. As the Latin saying goes, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" That is loosely translated into... "Who will watch the watchers?"

When I turn on CNN in a foreign country, I always say, "This is the shit that America wants you to believe as the truth." I say a similar thing in a British accent when I watch BBC overseas, "This is the shit the Brits want you to believe is the truth." Except there's a little more truth and a significant amount of un-biased reporting -- but it's still the major propaganda wing of the British Empire.

If I can't trust the boob tube or the internet, then what? It's simple. I have to seek out the news on my own through my own personal filter. Thankfully, I programmed Google Reader and Bloglines are able to pick up news blurbs from outlets and journalists who I trust will paint me a better picture of the world we live in. Plenty of business writers (who knew how to read a balance sheer) were in hot pursuit of the Master of the Universes who gambled heavily on credit default swaps, while others were fleecing millions of hard working Americans out of their pension money with different ponzi schemes. But none of the majors wanted to touch that story. The complicated schemes were too difficult to understand -- even for career business newsmen. Plus, they felt that the criminal entities involved were "too big to fail" yet we know how all those dominoes began to fall. And let's not forget, some were paid off or part of the conspiracy.

By the way, hat tip to Human Head for the link to Jesse's Cafe Americain who summed up tour financial ruin the best...
The US financial crisis is always and everywhere caused by the triumph of short term greed in support of Ponzi schemes and frauds, perpetrated by a handful of Wall Street bankers and their accomplices in the political process and the media, facilitated by the wholesale weakening of the American mind and character and European and Asian greed and gullibility.
That's why America stopped for two hours last week and dropped everything they did to watch balloon boy, while career criminals were bailed out by our Government and the masses buried their collective heads in the sand.

Before I go, check out something that the Shrink wrote titled Wandering the Interwebs. Fascinating.

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