Friday, November 27, 2009

Waiting on a Train

By Pauly
New York City

I just saw a cop haul off a black guy in cuffs. A little girl stood next to her mother and asked, "Mommy why is that man going with the cop? Is it because he's black?"

That made me chuckle. The mother too. She was black and nodded. Welcome to Penn Station.

I picked up my ticket and settled into the waiting area. I set up twitpic for Coventry on my crackberry so I can send pic/tweets from the Phish shows in Albany. Yes, I'm back on tour and catching 6 out of the last 7 shows on their fall tour.

Turkey Day was as expected... a pain in the ass. My mother hates me and she was not shy at letting me know that. All she does is bitch bitch bitch that everyone sits on their ass while she slaves away in the kitchen, so I offered up my services this year. The result? A major blow up in the kitchen. All was going well until the booze kicked in. My mother made a mistake with a pasta dish. She dumped it out into a small bowl that she was convinced would fit. I knew otherwise and warned her. She never listens to my advice. Why would she? I know nothing, right? As expected, pasta spilled all over the counter. She responded with a blowup and blamed me.

At that point, I left the kitchen, went outside, got stoned, and quietly sat in front of the TV to watch the rest of the football game, counting down the minutes until Thanksgiving ended.

I bolted and headed to my brother's apartment. We watched football and hoops and played online poker. I hosted an annual tournament called Turkey Cup at PokerStars and it ran later than expected because we got 84 players. Even Nicky played from her parents' dining room. Her sister Mandy liked my PokerStars avatar... a picture of Arnold Drummond from D'ffr'nt Strokes.

I stayed up later than I wanted and packed my gear for a weekend in Albany. I'm crashing with IronGirl who was kind enough to put me up for the weekend. I can't wait to see the Phish shows with her since she's a new Phishead.

I woke up early, grabbed a breakfast sandwich at the Greek diner, then hopped on the subway. Lots of shoppers flooded Macy's and the surrounding stores on Black Friday. I rushed past all of them and headed to Penn Station, where I saw the cops cuffing the black guy.

* * * * *

Update at 11:07am....

I'm loving my decision to take the train to Albany and save a few $$ in the process (train was half the price of a rental car). I feel very European today, reading a newspaper and riding the rail to upstate NY. The path up the Hudson River is majestic something you never see when you drive the congested NY Thruway. Plus, I don't have to be sober and have to worry about fighting traffic on Black Friday.

As soon as I boarded the train, I popped a half of a Vicodin and read the complimentary copy of the NY Times. Once we got past Tarrytown, I fired up my laptop, and I'm loving the power outlets in business class. Yes, I'm a fuckin' baller and paid the extra $20 to sit in a bigger seat in business class mainly to avoid the peasants in coach. Well worth it.

Now, I'm gonna play online poker and try to win enough money to cover my train ticket to Albany.

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