Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ill Timed

By Pauly
New York City

I really should have altered my travel schedule. I'm a savvy traveler and I cannot believe the bind I got myself into. I woke up in Virginia on Sunday. I need to be in Las Vegas on Wednesday. Logic would have suggested that I fly directly to Sin City. Um, no. I flew from Richmond to New York City for a layover of 36 hours, then I fly from NYC to Los Angeles (well Burbank to be exact). I'm in LA less than 12 hours before Nicky and I drive to Las Vegas.

Yeah, talk about a tight window. Plus I have three major writing deadlines and the new issue of Truckin' to crank out before we depart for Las Vegas, which at this point is something like 30 hours away. I'm going to be pecking away at the keyboard like crazy while sitting at the JetBlue terminal at JFK and even on my flight to the left coast. I'm praying that there are no crying babies around or annoying passengers that would distract me from hunkering down with these deadlines.

The sad part is that many of my close friends will not be in Las Vegas this year -- due to scheduling conflicts, family stuff, and lack of funds. That bummed me out, along with my brother and Iggy, while we discussed the roster of this year's trip. It's not going to be the same without the Nardi brothers, Sweet Sweet Pablo, and GMoney to hang around with. Plus, no PKPNF this year. He's serving house arrest time.

On a good note, I might actually get some sleep this year and not be completely ragged after the Vegas sojourn. Plus, I'm pretty ragged as we speak and bogged down in another battle with pills. I've been on a massive bender since Halloween. November was sort of a blur in many respects with the November Nine trip to Vegas and the Swine Flu which knocked me on my ass for a few days. Throw in Costa Rica and Phish tour -- and you know what? I'm beat up. Alas, I have to rally for one big surge this weekend before I can take a short breath before Phish and Miami.

Planes. Trains. Automobiles. Subways. Been on the road nonstop since the end of October. Some times I wake up and don't know where I am. But I do know that it's freezing in NYC and I'm headed to warmer climates in frigid SoCal and Las Vegas.

My mind is on Las Vegas, but I'm in New York and have to fly to California then drive through bat country to get to my intended destination. That's just another day in the life.

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