Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Eve

By Pauly
Miami, FL

I can't write about NYE.

Well, I can write about NYE and I will. I'm just not going to post the sordid details here or anywhere else on the internet. I love my friends too much to harm their reputations, plus I'd hate to incriminate myself. Yes, things were that crazy. Some of us should have went to jail, an emergency room, or a psychiatric ward. A few of us should have visited all three.

Let's just say this... I had a friggin' blast closing out 2009 in Miami.

A fuckin' four-day non-stop rager with Phish ended with a bang. Miami is an unique town with a tinge of shadiness and an anything goes philosophy. My friends converged from all parts of the country (heck we even had a Canuck and a Frenchman in our group) and luckily those free-spirits are professional party people who are up for anything at any given time. They don't shy away from the edge of insanity and many of them plunge head first into the darkness without blinking. That sort of fearlessness is inspiring, yet detrimental to my health.

At the same time, it's refreshing to be around colorful people... around a creative collective consciousness... and in a subculture that promotes individuality. I came away with a few friends and engaged in a couple of mild altering experiences that (I hope) will propel me over the next few weeks as I embark on the finishing touches of Lost Vegas.

Ten years earlier on the cusp of the millennium, I found myself in the middle of the Florida Everglades getting lit at the sickest throw down of my life as I celebrated the changeover of 1999 into 2000 with friends at a two-day Phish festival. When Phish broke up in 2004, I never thought that I'd ever get a chance to replicate that madness and never see Phish ever play again, let alone a New Year's Eve party where they took center stage. That's why it was a near miracle that I stood in Miami as 2009 switched over to 2010 getting a chance to ride that wave once again.

The best NYE's of my life have all been at Phish concerts. I've seen five and they all rank in the Top 5. This year rolled in at number two. Overall. All time. That's saying something because it's nearly impossible to top the Millennium.

I want to thank my friends who came along the ride for Miami. They are the main reason why the blow out reached epic proportions. And to my friends who could not attend... you were missed and with us in spirit.

For now, it's time for me to go and enact Operation Sleep. It's been a long nine weeks since I stopped working on Lost Vegas and I've been on a scorching binge and brain-freezing bender. I should probably check myself into rehab, but as the saying goes rehab is for quitters. I control my own destiny and I know what's best for me right now. I need to rest up, recuperate, stay clean, unplug, and slow down before I return to the finishing touches on Lost Vegas.

Happy 2010 everyone.

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