Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Step Into the Breezer

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

The unexpected rain in LA put a damper on the wankfest of the Golden Globe Awards. That did not deter Nicky and I from getting shitfaced, poking fun, snarking it up on Twitter, and shouting random things at the TV. The Jets game ended just at the exact time that the Golden Globes came on -- so it was a seamless transition. This was the first year that NBC aired the event live on the Left Coast instead of delaying the broadcast until 8pm. With that annoying Twitter thing and the intertubes, NBC finally wised up and decided to go live with the broadcast of their faux awards ceremony.

Makes you wonder if those tin-foiled hat conspiracy theories about Stanely Kubrick and Hollywood helping to record the film landing in a sound stage down by the airport. There's websites and books devoted to that theory. I shit you not.

Of course, I'll never get invited... so the closest I come is sitting on my couch, clutching the bong, and heartily laughing at Rickey Gervais' penis jokes and shameless self-shilling. Man, if I ever went to the Golden Globes, I would never leave the bathroom. I'd be staying in there the entire time ripping lines with Mickey Rourke. Otherwise, I'd be outside getting stoned with Han Solo and Sir Paul McCartney.

* * * * *

The Jets won. Wow. I bet against them. Two weeks in a row. Ha! And they won both times. I bet against them again this week hoping that won't break the jinx. But shit... one win away from the Super Bowl. Peyton better do his homework and do something that other QBs have yet to figure out... don't throw anywhere in Revis' direction.

* * * * *

I found out my next two work assignments... Uruguay and Chile. I get to work with Nicky for one of the events which will be fun. I can't complain about visiting two South American countries that I had never visited before (ironically Nicky has been to both).

When I told Benjo that I get to work with my girlfriend, he said, "The last time I worked with mine, all we did was yell at each other." To which I responded.... we yell at each other all the time, might as well get paid for it.

But seriously... I just realized that Nicky will be my superior for the assignment. Hilarity ensues.

* * * * *

Speaking of Benjo, he's an eager beaver and wants to get to work on the French translation of Lost Vegas. That's admirable, but it's not ready yet. Yikes. We worked out a schedule because let's face it -- I want to get that fuckin' monkey off my back, so I'm contemplating eating a fistful of Adderall and staying up for two weeks straight finishing it off.

The good news is that my editor (aka the German Butcher) and I also figured out an exit strategy. We're on track. After stepping away from the project, I realized how vital his precision edits were. During this round of edits -- the process is less hectic and mind-numbing as the last round. Maybe that's a good sign that the book is actually coming along and there are not gaping holes where I look at in bewilderment and think, "What the fuck am I talking about?"

Nicky and I re-worked the first three chapters the last few days. The structure was all out of whack and she helped me re-arrange sections -- like a jigsaw or a game of Tetris. Once we shuffled everything around, the beginning read much smoother. Even though I kept working and re-working the beginning over the last six months -- I always came up with a clumsy and cumbersome start of the book. That was Nicky's biggest problem with the book ... a choppy beginning. After the editing session this weekend, we're all feeling much more confident about the beginning. It's smoother. Flows better.

Every day, I'm feeling better and better about taking time off from the project and taking another pass at it. Confidence is everything. We're all feeling positive about the recent changes -- so I'm doing what I can to build and feed off of that energy.

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