Friday, March 05, 2010

Mastodon Surveillance

By Pauly
Dallas, TX

I'm back at DFW airport. I was wandering around in a Xanax-induced haze the last twenty minutes. Airports, especially DFW, are strange places at 6am before they fill up. Anyway, I had deja vu -- mainly because I was here just a few days ago when Nicky and I changed planes from South America en route to California.

Now, I'm sitting at the gate waiting to board a puddle jumper to Greenville, South Carolina. I think I'm like one of seven passengers. Who knows for sure.

Anyway, I'm going to South Carolina for 50 hours. Raging it up for Mastodon Weekend.

I packed light. Very light. I didn't bring clothes, except a change of underwear. I expect to be up for the entire 50 hours. My friends are seasoned alcoholics. I'm the lone junkie in the group. Should make for an interesting mix.

You can follow along with my crew's hijinks via Twitter (@taopauly). I'll be sending cryptic tweets and Twit pics during my brief stint in South Carolina until I am extracted by commandos on Sunday afternoon.

Nicky gave me a warning. "Be careful," she said. "Don't get hurt."

She's never said that to me. Ever. Even when I went on mind-altering benders on Phish tour. She knows that my friends can... well... get a bit out of hand. But, I'm a grizzled vet. I know what to expect. That's why I brought along a paper clip and bail money.

Be back on Monday with pics, stories, videos, and maybe even a scar or two.

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