Thursday, April 15, 2010

1984 > 2014

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I was almost 12 when I read 1984. My reading comprehension was a bit more advanced for most sixth graders, but I definitely didn't get all of the fascist undertones. I was under the impression that 1984 was Orwell's dystopian future... if the commies won. When I was 12, America was at the height of the Cold War with Russia and I missed most of Orwell's social commentary because I didn't understand it. I had read Animal Farm and knew that was a subversive novel about communism, so I assumed the same with 1984.

Orwell's original title was 1948. His publisher was worried that the haunting images of the immediate future would be too much for British citizens who just thwarted Hitler after WWII. In the end, the publishers were looking out for book sales rather than publish a piece of literature criticizing our leaders ability to manipulate the populous.

I have not re-read 1984 since the original reading. I saw the movie a couple of years after it came out, but 1984 has been one of those book that's I'd like to re-read but never got around to actually reading it.

My buddy sent me a clip of the trailer to 1984. It really freaked me out...

Fuck this 2012 bullshit. I'm more concerned about Orwell's themes of doom and gloom than Al Gore's weather forecast. Maybe it should be re-titled and re-released as 2014?


  1. Gracie6:53 PM

    I always found Huxley's Brave New World more disturbing. And more possible. 

  2. the joker7:32 PM

    i also love Brave New World. here is a cartoon comparing the two books...i think parts of both are coming to reality:

  3. Brian G.7:58 PM

    What interests me is how that as Mr. Obama gets further along, and Bush is further in the rear view mirror, how all of the negative change is going to be blamed on Bush.  Funny how everything Bush did was an evisceration of the Constitution and our freedoms, but as Obama does exactly the same thing for the most part and far worse in others, it is met with nothing but silence.  I hate all politicians, and hate hypocrisy even more.  I call them as I see 'em, and the difference in attitudes over the same things (and even worse) would be hilarious if not so pathetic.  Winston Smith lives in today's media.

    I just re-read 1984 a few years ago and enjoyed it.  Now, I hope I can crack open Lost Vegas and read it soon.