Friday, May 07, 2010

Photos of Interest... But Who's Interest?

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Flickr hosts all of my image galleries and photos from all of my international adventures. Liz Lieu is a true patron of the arts and she funded a "pro" account for me on Flickr.

During my quarterly "google me" search, I came across a search engine which indexed thumbnails all of my "interesting photos" on Flickr. If you are not a Flickr user, there's a function that ranks your photos in order of "interestingness"... which I have yet to figure out how exactly that is determined and quantified, but I assume it's a bot crunching data incorporating photo views, number of comments, and times the photo has been labeled a favorite.

Anyway, for a heart laugh, check out the most interesting photos from my (NSFW, OBV) Flicker galleries.

Each page includes 50 or so thumbnails of the most interesting photos in my vast collection. I love the irony of the first page which is essentially an ensemble of four things...
1. Marijuana
2. Porn Stars
3. Money
4. Food
What does that tell you about the Internet's thirst for those images? And is it a shocker that those pics are the most eye-catching subjects? Anyway, click here to see what the bots consider "interesting"... and you'll have to go to the page 2 and 3 to see some non-weed and boob photos.

By the way, here's my complete collection on Flickr.

And in case you were wondering, here's what the bots consider "interesting" in Nicky's galleries.

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