Monday, May 17, 2010

Unplug Me

By Pauly
Off the Grid

Taking a week off to unplug before I have to be on for the next two months of utter insanity which will include a move to Las Vegas for my 6th World Series of Poker, summer Phish tour, and the release of Lost Vegas.

Among my many addictions are the Internet and my inability to unplug. Like so many of you, I have an healthy compulsive obsession about checking my multiple email accounts. I also fanatically monitor multiple blog comments, fret over web-traffic meters, and voraciously consume fodder from different tentacles of the media machine. Those will always be there, I keep telling myself, yet I can't stop and I cave into my inability to unplug myself.

Hence, a vacation from all plugged things. If it has an on/off switch, then I'm gonna keep it off. It will be impossible, which is why I'm not going to bet on it, because I will write a bit on the laptop, unless I go completely old school and write with pen and paper.

I will give it my best efforts to abstain from anything connected to the grid for the new week or so.

Any posts that appear here, Coventry, or Tao of Poker will be pre-programmed, which meant I wrote it over the weekend and saved it for later.

I doubt that I can stay totally away from all things electronic, but you can always follow me on Twitter to find out what kind of shenanigans I get into if I get weak and decide to fondle my CrackBerry.

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