Monday, June 07, 2010

Finally... Something to Say

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Wow, I finally have tie to write here. I wished I had more time each day, but I decided to trade any free time for sleep and worrying about the final touches on Lost Vegas.

In the past I've always pushed myself, but this year I'm pacing myself better. For example, on a couple of evenings (well more like early mornings) I made a rare decision to go to sleep and wake up to finish whatever writing. For one, it gives me fresh eyes and a much better internal editor. The downside is that my dispatches are published three or four hours later than I would have liked. I guess I'm old school in the fact that I want to soak up everything I see all day and then sort through the days notes and construct a post... but I want all that to happen in that day's cycle.

After ten days or so, I give myself a passing grade. I made a couple of mistakes and errors, one semi-major fuck-up, and pissed off a couple of higherups. That's usually par for the course, but on a good note, I didn't know my weaknesses until I got a few days in and once they were exposed, I could patch those up.

The first few days were tough and I forgot about the grind on the body after working a few hours past dawn every day and then trying to sleep for a few hours before returning to work again in mid-afternoon only to repeat the process. By the fourth day my body adjusted to the schedule and I'm back into that crazy life when I sleep anywhere from 8am to 11am everyday. The good thing is that I'm getting quality sleep -- a problem that has plagued me the last five summers.

Our condo is OK, my only complaint is that I'd like to blast music at 5am when I'm writing but can't because I don't want to disturb the neighbors. A few times I caught myself telling Nicky to keep it down or turn down the volume of the TV because we forget that it's like 3am and our neighbors are sleeping. At the same time, back in the slums of Beverly Hills, our upstairs neighbors were up very late every night so we could blast music past Midnight and be kinda raucous until the wee hours. That's also part of the reason why I listened to Jazz music every morning when I wrote because I didn't want to disturb the neighbors who were sleeping in because they were also night owls.

Anyway, Nicky and I have to be on the quieter side since we're living the vampire Vegas lifestyle. And in almost two weeks, I finally went to the Strip... on a Saturday night too. I tend to avoid Las Vegas Blvd during the summer because that's where all the tourists flock and it's crowd with too much traffic and slow-walking morons. The weekends are the worst because you have all the amateur party people getting shitfaced when 90% of them can't hold their booze so they act like classless hooligans ala Jersey Shore. My buddy Snoopy and his girlfriend Dana is living at hotel in the Hard Rock Casino all summer long. They are both British (also well-traveled and have lived in Vegas during previous summers) and have a unique perspective on life in Vegas, particularly what it's like to be living at Douchebag central. You have to read some of Snoopy's posts about adjusting to life with the meatheads. Funny ass shit.

I've been juggling three major fireballs... Lost Vegas, WSOP, and a new project. The new project doesn't quite have a name yet, but it's going to be huge and affect the next two years (or more) of my life. I'm excited about the project because it offers me a chance to write about things outside of poker and I'll get to work with some very intelligent and cool people. At the same time, I'm concerned because of the heavy workload and how will it affect my daily writing time and future chunks of unfettered time that I need to set aside every few months to write. Balance is the key to success in life and I know that I can pull this off if I can find the perfect balance. For now, it's just the early stages, but something that has been on my mind.

The WSOP is what it is. Some stuff is different, lots of it are the same. The cool things will always be cool (like watching Phil Ivey play poker and hanging out with friends you only get to see every summer) and the shitty things will always be shitty (triple digit temps, drunken tourists, poker pros bitching about everything, hack reporters ganking your work, readers whining about getting FREE coverage, blah blah blah). I survived the first 10 days and only have 40 to go. The good thing is that I'm taking off nine days (2 different long-weekends) to see Phish so I really only have 31 to get through. The bad news is that I have to go another 11-12 days before my first days off of the summer.

And Lost Vegas has been a headache. The easiest part was writing it and the editing was a chore that I never want to endure again, but the publishing process has been a brutal migraine. I can't explain it anymore. I've been wanting to pull the trigger and make the official announcement , but that keeps getting delayed... and making me more and more insane. Grumpy too. I hope to have news by the end of the week. Big hope.

For now, I'm writing every day on Tao of Poker and using Twitter for on the floor updates at the WSOP. You can always follow the action with @taopauly.


  1. Buffalo6612:29 PM

    Hang in there, Doc.  You always find a way to grind through the series and make it a worthwhile experience.  (And you always make it a great read, which goes without saying.)

    I expect at least one episode of "the procedure" if things get too stressful!

  2. Pauly3:46 PM

    Thanks Buffalo!

  3. Marissa10:40 AM

    I'm going to pass out from holding my breath waiting for Lost Vegas