Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Las Vegas Podcasts: Tao of Pokerati - Episodes 20-27

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

In case you were dying to hear more episodes of the fastest poker podcast in the universe, we have a bunch including a couple of World Cup and soccer-themed episodes...
Episode 20: 2010 World Cup: Benjo's Bets and Conspiracy Theories with Benjo - Pauly, Dan, and Benjo the upcoming World Cup. Benjo tells us about his picks and a couple of conspiracy theories that our favorite Bulgarian bartender shared with him. Pauly and Dan pontificate on the gross discrepancies in the World Cup lines between Strip properties and off Strip sports books.

Episode 21: Durrrr Traffic with Benjo - To off set the long World Cup episode, we recorded a quickie where we discuss which Tao of Pokerati episodes drew the most traffic. You'd be surprised to find out that Lesbian Kiss is not the top episode!

Episode 22: Midnight Hallways - Dan shows up at the Rip kinda late and points out a few things in the hallways that he finds interesting or simply WSOP cliches.
Episode 23: Kick Your Cookie - Pauly and Dan talk discuss the first wave of malaise that hits the WSOP at the 15 day mark, including the difficulty of maintain relationships, and the downside of working in an environment where everyone around you is having gun and getting shitfaced.

Episode 24: Team Pokerati Faltering - While ogling hot railbirds, Dan laments the demise of the pros playing under the Team Pokerati umbrella. The DonkeyBomber min-cashed in a few events, but he had much higher expectations (he expects to win or at the least final table any event he plays). Meanwhile, while DonkeyBomber is struggling, the rest of the crew is collapsing. Although everyone else is on the verge of going broke, Toothless Bob has surprisingly been the MVP.
Episode 25: USA vs. England with Benjo - Pauly overslept and missed the kick off of the highly-anticipated match between England and USA in the World Cup. The crew hang out at the sports book at the Rio and watch the match, while Dan struggles to talk about soccer on a basic level with a European fan with advanced knowledge.

Episode 26: LaLa FTW with Benjo - Dan and Benjo give a preview of the Ladies Only final table. Both have players they are sweating -- Dan has a Team Pokerati Asia player, La Sengphet., while Benjo is keeping tabs on France's Vanessa Hellebuyck.

Episode 27: Ladies Final Hand - Dan and Pauly record an episode during heads-up play recapping Team Pokerati Asia's run at the final table, but before they can finish, both players are all in and they capture the winning moment on tape.
To listen to older episodes, visit the Tao of Pokerati archives.

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