Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Podcasts from Las Vegas 12-19

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Here are a bunch of podcasts that we recorded over the last week with Michalski and Benjo. Nicky (aka Change100) made two guest spots.
Episode 12: Missed Connections - While recording the an episode of the Poker Beat in the hallway, Dan was interrupted twice: Pauly slapped him on the head and anonymous woman kissed him on the forehead before she slipped into the Amazon Ballroom. Dan's not-so good peripheral vision prevented him from properly identifying his fawning female admirer. During this episode of Tao of Pokerati, Pauly gives Dan advice on trying to find out the identity of the kissing bandit.

Episode 13: What's in a Douchebag with Change100 - We head off the strip and record an episode at our local breakfast joint on the west side of town. Change100 and Michalski discuss a Las Vegas invasion of douchebags via Jersey Shore.

Episode 14: WSOP Fetish with Benjo - An astute observation by Benjo that WSOP tournaments are like different types of porn, particularly the specialty events, like the 10K Stud are fetish porn.

Episode 15: Stalking the Devil with Benjo - After getting a tip from the Poker Grump about a chest-heavy woman in the poker room, Pauly and Benjo spring into action. Along the way they get distracted by the poker kitchen and then debate the merits of stalking the one we refer to as... The Devil.

Episode 16: Durrrrr Bracelet Buyout? with Benjo - While the final table of Event #11 Donkament was being set up, Benjo spotted a group of the Big Game regulars (who bet against durrrr) having a quick meeting. The T.O.P. crew speculate on a potential bracelet bet buy-out if durrrr continues to dominate the Donkament.

Episode 17: Durrrrament Exhale with Benjo - Moments after the donkament ended and durrrr took second, Benjo and Pauly headed over to the rail of the 10K Stud8 event to watch the pros' reactions who bet against durrrr winning a bracelet and dodged a massive bullet.

Episode 18: Week 1 Recap - Pauly and Dan step outside the Rio for a breath of fresh air as they recap the highs and lows of Week 1 of the 2010 WSOP.

Episode 19: Douchebag Bracketology with Change100 - The discussion of Las Vegas douchebag stereotypes continues while Dan and Change100 submit "teams" and matchups for a March Madness, er Douche Madness. Pauly moderates the discussion and assigns seeds to different douches.
Listen to more episodes at the Tao of Pokerati Archives.

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