Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Wook Patrol Podcast: Berkeley and Telluride

By Pauly
Telluride, CO

My friends over at Coventry Music have a podcast called the Wook Patrol. We recorded episodes on Phish summer tour in Berkeley and Telluride. Benjo, Wildo, and the Joker all make cameos.

Episode 15: Cows and Discoball Hemlets (1:14) - The Pauly and the Joker return with a post-show episode. They chat about the Joker's encounter with the cow people while he and Carrie were rocking the Disco Ball helmets.

Episode 16: Greek Wook Patrol Update (1:34) with Benjo - Pauly asks Benjo to give him the run down on the wook trying to jump the fence in the back of the Greek, and the cops who were busting them.

Episode 17: Greek Setbreak Conversations with Benjo - Pauly and Benjo chat during setbreak of the Saturday Greek show. Pauly quizzes Benjo about the funny snippets of conversations he's heard around him while waiting in line.

Episode 18: Phish Telluride After Party with Wildo - Pauly and Wildo survey the bizarre, yet heady scene at the Coventry crew's post-Phish after-party that the Joker hosted in his condo.

Episode 19: Telluride Late Night: No Wooks, No Tour Dogs - When it started getting late at the after-party at the condo, the Joker went on an aggressive patrol and encountered a wook trying to enter the party with a tour dog. The Joker was not going to have any of that. Listen in as the Joker explains to Pauly what happened.

Thanks for listening to Coventry's podcast The Wook Patrol. To listen to older episodes visit the Wook Patrol archives.

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