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Selections from the NYC Sports Thread: Hard Knocks, Entourage, and the LLWS/Yanks

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I'm part of an email thread specializing in NYC sports that has been running the last two plus years. The group is essentially my brother Derek, the Rooster, and my good buddy Jerry. On a few instances we had a couple of special guests like Daddy and StB, but for the most part it is just us three. I often considered starting a sports blog where I post the best of the best in these threads because frankly, some of the thoughts that these guys share are more interesting and astute than the so-called talking heads on ESPN. Plus, they are funny as shit, especially the tangents when my Derek and the Rooster start sounding off on their fondness for Latina women.

Anyway, call me lazy or an innovator, but I decided to simply cut and paste yesterday's contribution from yours truly to the thread, when we discussed Hard Knocks, Entourage, and baseball. I inserted comments from the peanut gallery.

So here you go...

* * *

Hard Knocks

Kellen Clemens got a wake up call when they signed Mark Brunell as the backup QB. He got bumped to 3rd string and they made him take a pay cut for the league minimum. But it's his fault, he never improved over the years.

"It was a smart move to keep Clemens as the 3rd string QB," said Derek. "Because if Sanchez gets hurt for a long period... like 10+games... no way Brunell can play that many games. Clemens knows the team and playbook better than O'Connell did... even the players in the locker room wanted Clemens to stay. They know they can win games with him under center if they had too."

Coles looked bummed that they had to cut him for wiggle room with Revis.

"The Jets are being cheap," added Derek. "They cut Coles now so they can re-sign him after week 1 when his salary won't be guaranteed. supposedly, they're going to sign Adalius Thomas after week 1 for the same reason. This way they can cut them when (Santonio) Holmes and Pace come back from suspension/injury and not owe the entire salary."

T-Rich + Terminator is an awesome 1-2 punch in the FB department. Love it that everyone gets fired up when he knocks the piss out of someone.

"I'm a little worried that the Jets are hyping up the Terminator too much," explained Derek. "You know how it is... some player on another team is going to get jealous of the hype and make it his job to injure the Terminator or blindside him at some point."

Rex really tore the team a new one before the Redskins game. Jason Taylor needs to hire a fucking driver. Braylon Edwards looked all wooked out with his angry black man Malcolm X beard... until he got it manicured.


Entourage gets a B- this season. Everything had potential at the start of the season but really flattened out. It's always the same fucking recycle story lines -- it's hot/cold for a specific character at any given time.
Hot: E, Turtle
Cold: Ari, Vince, Johnny (about to make a move up to hot)
E is sort of the least important character in the show. He's boring and just whines most of the time and gets women he doesn't deserve. He got a sick job via Sloan. So who cares of he has a douche at work causing him problems -- that's with it instead of being a pussy. With that said, he's doing well for himself.

"E is supposed to be boring," interjected Jerry. "He's the straight man - showing how settling down leads to nights at home with the wife instead of prowling with the boys. That's why she better be as hot as Sloan to make it worthwhile. Still can't believe E blew that chance at anal. He needed a fuck lot more booze in her and more lube as well!"

Turtle is making moves -- trying to get something of his own off the ground. And he finally got the spicy hot Latina. He needs to go to B-school b/c he totally botched the tequila deal. Despite that, he's still way up.

Vince is on his way down if not already down. The cliche coke + pills + pornstar demise is in full effect. He'll bottom out eventually, get lucky, and bounce back. Didn't we see this in season 2? Instead of coke + Sasha Grey's hairy vag, it was Mandy Moore and Vince drunk on love. That was lame -- at least this Vince is raging hard on this descent to the bottom.

Johnny Drama is on the cusp of getting what he's always wanted -- his own TV show. And E's hot British secretary is a Viking Quest fan. He's making a move out of the basement.

Ari is in the dumps -- fucking shit up with Amanda Daniels and the NFL. Wonder when his wife divorces him? Need more scenes with Mike Tyson.

"Another reason why Entourage has been slightly off this season... not many Lloyd scenes," said Derek. "He always had a bunch of funny scenes every episode but now that he's an agent... he's rarely in the show. I agree... more Mike Tyson! haha. I'm laughing at the Mark Cuban arc -- he's trying to steal the tequila company!"

Little League World Series/Yankees

Little League World Series was exciting but Hawaii couldn't hit against the Japanese pitching.

I watched two Yankees/White Sox games over the weekend because I get WGN (Chicago station), which aired one game and TBS aired the other. Former pitchers Ron Darling and John Smoltz were annoucning the TBS game. Darling is awful, while Smoltz knows his stuff about explaining (high end) pitching concepts.

Yanks need to finish out the season strong. Worried that CC Sabathia is shooting his load right now. Want him to have something left in the tank in October for the playoffs.

"Good point on CC," mentioned Jerry. "He's the horse that we will ride straight through the playoffs. He looks comfortable. Not laboring. Wish Yanks get a lead so maybe he can skip a start at the end - but still have like 14 games against Sox and Rays. YEESH! That will separate the division right quick."

When will AJ Burnett get his shit together? I still don't like Javy. Gave him a chance. Blah. That Ivan Nova kid had some good stuff. Hope he can contribute in the future. Fuck Javy, put him in the rotation in the playoffs!

* * *

That's it for now. Stay tuned for another installment in the future.

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