Thursday, December 02, 2010

Random Brain Droppings: 1am and Waiting for the Xanax to Kick In

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I ate a salad for dinner. It's sorta happened by accident. Nicky had a sore back and I gave her a painkiller, which meant that she was not able to drive. We ordered dinner from the local pizza joint around the corner, except that I didn't want pizza and ordered a chicken Cesar salad. No bullshit. I woofed down the salad in record time. I was hungry, more hungry than I thought because I got the salad because I didn't think I was hungry because I had been writing all afternoon and still had a ton of work on my plate before I called it a night. I wanted to skip dinner and work through it, but as is, I had a bet on the Clippers game and wanted to sweat some of it, so I ordered in with Nicky and inhaled the salad while the Clippers surprisingly held onto win their game. Not only did I bet them with the points, I also hammered them on the money line. Fine line between genius and utter stupidity. I'm always falling on the side of the fence with the stupid.

Speaking of fences... the mean dogs next door run up against the wooden fence separating our properties. The dumpster is right along the fence and whenever homeless people going dumpster diving, the dogs go insane and getting running starts and smash into the fence. One of these days, the fence is going to come down and one of the homeless dudes is going to get mauled by a pissed off dog.

The dogs don't bark as much anymore because of the dog zapper. It doesn't quite work as effective as it did, but overall, the dogs yelp and growl instead of the incessant barking that echoed down the alleys. It was the best $30 I spent in a while. I wish I could get those devices for humans and zap people who can't stop talking (this would be most effective in public places when self-absorbed idiots prattle on loudly on their cell phones without any respect for your well being).

I think our palm-tree lined street got blocked off at the end of the block for a Hanukkah parade. I live in a sprawling Jewish neighborhood (with pockets of Iranian Jews) and that would make sense if all that honking I heard earlier in the night was not a bunch of pissed off road ragers on tilt, but rather, all that commotion was the annual parade when the rabbis drive around with a Menorah on top of the roof of their car.

I've been pushing myself since Monday to get as much work done this week so I can take off the rest of the year. I knocked off three future columns and got them ready to go in the can. I'm hoping that I can do another three before Sunday -- that is as long as I limit my distractions. Hopefully I can begin work on a few fun creative projects next week -- which will happen as soon as I finish off the rest of my work and clear out the inbox. So close... I can see the light.

On a good note, I'm back into a steady groove writing wise, which is amazing for me because I can get into a rhythm where I'm cranking out two different writing sessions a day. The majority of the work has been no-poker writing although I've been in an hour or so a day on something for freelance clients. And these are solid prolonged sessions. I'd be lucky if could squeeze in a half a section during a day -- bit I'm committed to enjoy my trip to Vegas and back home for Christmas with as less work stress as possible.

My desire is to unplug completely for a month. I have a gut feeling that I would rite better without the distractions. Maybe I'll have the balls and pull it off in January?

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