Thursday, January 27, 2011

Around the Horn: Gambling Ghosts, Muni Debt/Online Poker, Sacks of Shit, and Bad Phish Shows

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Take a peek at some of the other things I wrote in the last few days...

Eight Voices and a Sea of Troubles is a woe-is-me tale about sports betting, my theory about purgatory, and how I speak to Nicky's dead German grandmother. (Tao of Poker)

Looming Municipal Debt Crisis the Key to Online Poker Legalization? is a post that I worked on for a few days with tons of research into the widespread municipal debt crisis. States are broke and the online poker industry can push towards legalization if they can gain some leverage with desperate politicians trying to generate revenue. (Tao of Poker)

Bear Stearns' Emails Confirm Sale of Sack of Shit Loans is exactly what the title suggests. I love the fact that actual traders called referred to toxic loans as a "sack of shit." I feel bad for the poor fuckers who were dumb enough to actually buy some of those shit sacks. (Tao of Fear)

Bad Phish Shows? After reading a thorough article chronicling some of the low-lights in the history of Phish, I gave my two cents about why bad shows are important for any touring bad -- because the few bad shows that I caught this summer where immediately followed up by some of the hottest shows of the year. (Coventry)
That's it for now. I have some reading/editing on my plate. I'll be back shortly with rum-soaked tales and other whiny musings about writing.

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