Sunday, January 09, 2011

Ave Maria

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I thought I was dying. I was hearing voices. I resorted to uttering the Hail Mary... in Latin. That's when Nicky got scared. She was about to call 9/11. I couldn't blame her. From her perspective... I went from spending less than 4 hours a day in bed to staying in bed 20+ hours a day, I dropped ten pounds in a half a day, I constantly sweat through dozens of outfits, I couldn't shake a fever, and all of a sudden, I'm speaking in tongues.

My friends have mentioned that's not the first time I've spoken weird things in my sleep. In one instance I was supposedly speaking Mayan (according to BTreotch at Bonnaroo one summer). I shrugged it off. Everyone knows that the grey aliens speak Mayan. I was simply communicating to them during my dreamstate.

As of Sunday, this is like day 6 of the flu. I'm the strongest I've felt in about two weeks. I thought I improved on Friday, but relapsed on Friday night when the wook flu took a turn for the worse. As I returned to my bottom point, Nicky got a phone call that everyone with a family pet dreads...her cat was dying.

Actually, Willie belonged to Nicky's sister Mandy. But when Mandy went to college in Colorado, the cat stayed behind in West LA. That's when Nicky's parents took care of the cat. Even after college, the cat remained with the parents, mainly because Willie had grown used to a nice backyard with plenty of critters to torture. Plus, Mandy worked on location for different reality TV shows and she spent months away at a time. Alas, she really didn't have a lifestyle that allowed a pet. In the meantime, her parents got attached to Willie. If you're a pet owner, you can only imagine the pain that the family went through.

Read Nicky's touching eulogy for Willie the Cat. You can also find one of the photos I took of Willie.

In the meantime, I've barely stepped outside aside to go get food. It's been lovely in SoCal with amazing weather, which is why people want to live here at this time of year. The wookflu meant that I had to cancel a surprise trip to Chicago to send off my buddy BG, who is moving to Australia. I wanted to get together to see some close friends this weekend, but the ailment (along with the frigid location of the gathering) made it impossible for me to pull the trigger.

At this point, I'm hoping my health can continue the fast track to improvement because I have a trip to the Bahamas scheduled with Nicky in a few days. I already gave up a fun weekend with one set of friends, I'd hate to lose another.

Oh, and the fucking Jets won. How about that?

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  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Two words for you:  flu shot.  I once got the flu like that during tax season about 14 years ago and knocked me off my ass for two weeks.  Got a flu shot every year since then and no flu!