Tuesday, January 04, 2011


By Pauly
JFK Airport

Time is my most precious commodity these days. Even though silver is around $30 (troy ounce) and gold is hitting record highs around $1,400, I'd still rather have a batch of unfettered time more than anything else.

If I had one wish right now -- I would free time for one year so I can catch up on all the stuff I want to write but don't have the necessary time to do it.

Time. In the last two years, my biggest expense (aside from Phishy travels) was shelling out money in order to give myself more free time. All of that adds up and in the end, I decided that my time was worth more than fiat money. For example, a cab ride to the airport cost $70 with tolls and tip but using local transportation means that the trip would take 2 hours longer (not to mention be with the huddled masses), but the difference is 10x the price. Is shelling out an extra $60 worth having 2 extra hours? In my mind, it is.

These days when I get offered freelance assignments, I judge the job on how much time it will take from my day. I used to only care about word length, but now I'm more concerned with how long it will take me to research, write, edit, re-write, then ship the words. So when someone spits out a compensation number, I instantly convert that into my own time currency formula. Simply put... the more I get paid, the more time I allot to a project.

I made a lot of tough decisions in the last few months. I know that the outcomes bothered, irked, and angered those involved on the shit end of those decisions. But when I stripped away all the bullshit, the bottom line was this -- time. My free time is exactly that. Mine.

I did what I could to shed the excess baggage and divert my attention, or shall I say, give up my time for people who truly appreciate what my time is worth. Those who don't? Well, they were the angry ones who were pissed when I didn't drop everything in my world and sacrifice my time just to entertain said people. That's one of the main reasons I didn't write a lengthy recap of the Phish shows at MSG including NYE. I've written some things about it, but int he past I felt this urge to get it up as soon as possible, and in that process, I often sacrificed valuable one-on-one time with friends who I only get to see at shows, or I'm sacrificing sleep/rest time to write up something that I don't necessarily want to do, but feel obligated to write.

In the end, I feel bad for a few friends (like Jonas and the Joker) who really want to read about the wild adventures at the shows, but for the first time in a while, it felt good to not be bound to my laptop. Phish is my hobby and writing is my passion. I don't want Phish to get spoiled like poker did for me a few years ago when I got utterly disgusted with everything related to poker. I have to set these boundaries with my writing and my hobbies, otherwise one of the few things that provides me with complete joy...will become something I loathe.

In the past week, I kept off my laptop more than I can ever recall. Sure, I didn't write everything I wanted to write, but I had a blast with Nicky, my brother and other friends. The downside is lack of content on the web, but that's really not my problem, right? That's your problem.


  1. Right on Pauly, I think we all appreciate the content you provide as it is... no need to have another hobby ruined (especially not one as awesome as Phish) by the demands of a public that isn't paying you for that content.  There are plenty of places I can read numerous show reviews the day after... hell, I can be listening to it an hour after it ended.  Not necessarily the case with a poker tournament I don't want to follow all day... that's something you're getting paid to cover and providing a service to those of us who are poker fans, but not following hand by hand on pokernews.

    Thanks again

  2. ttk4208:28 PM

    I appreciate the words of wisdom. As a person who works two jobs to make ends meet, time is money. My days off are spent catching up on the days I spent away from home, all the while trying as hard as I can to capture the essence of "the day off." I read many a blog and would love to dive head first into using the beloved interwebs to share my thoughts and bad spellling. I love the phish, and I leave it to the other diehards to spill their loving thoughts onto page after page on the web. I know once I started to share my love for phish on the net, it would take away from my beloved band. Happy new year!!!!!!!!

  3. klinkersthinker@gmail.com9:04 AM

    Save Phishy travel stories for truckin? Just a thought...
    I love reading all your interweb info. As a fellow Phish enthusiast I do have a bias towards Phishy subject matter, but your writing style and comical musings are what keep me coming back! Write what the hell you want Pauly! Hope to say hello at a Phish show some day. I always keep my eye out for you at shows in hopes of just a hand shake. All the luck and scribing power to you in 2011!

  4. Drizztdj9:19 AM

    I see the passion in your Phish write-ups and think "man I wish I had that when I write". 

    I used to post no less than five times a week, now I'm lucky to post once.  Time IS worth more than money.   Time spent with family when I'm not huddled behind a laptop banging out schoolwork or reporting on poker and time spent with friends (drinks with local friends or blogger trips) is worth a few extra bucks to trade currency for a laugh or a hug.