Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sleeping In

By Pauly
Los Angeles,CA

Not much to say because I slept until noon. That's right. I knocked myself out for almost nine hours after a week or so of restless nights and horrendous insomnia. I think I equaled last week's sleep total in just one session. I needed the rest, but my day was shot. By the time I got back from breakfast, er lunch, and ran a few errands, it was 3pm. Gah. I have bets to sweat in two hours!

I'm way more productive when I'm up at 5am or 6am and get all my crap (emails, early morning writing exercise, plotting to corner the cocoa market) out of the way by late morning then I can really put in a full day's work (freelance, personal projects, plotting to corner the cocoa market).

As is, today will be some catch up work and publish the new issue of Truckin'. Alas, tomorrow is when I tackle Jack Tripper.

Oh, here's a more in depth (much more gambling details) on last week's rum+sports betting binge... Your Hands and Feet Are Mangos, Part 1.

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  1. Good luck cornering the cocoa market. You get that cop car yet?