Monday, February 14, 2011


By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

It might sound strange, but my anniversary with Nicky falls on Valentine's Day.

Maybe someday I'll write the longer version of it all (approaching book-size considering it'll clock in in excess of 35,000 words). For now, I don't have the time to pen a philosophical rant on the "the search for love (light) in a darkened meaningless universe", not to mention sharing my scathing indictment on the military-industrial-entertainment complex's successful coup when they hijacked innocuous Catholic holiday and forced Americans to spend money in the middle of February.

A year or so after we were together, Nicky and I both selected Valentine's Day would as the date that we celebrate our anniversary. The actual date was ambiguous because we started "dating" in mid-February 2006, but we had similar feeling about the insincerity of February 14th. Valentine's Day in the post-modern era has become an overcomplicated holiday and commercialized to death. Not to mention, it's a day of utter torture for recently broken-hearted lovers, and just another soul-crunching holiday that made lonely people feel even worse about themselves. So instead of society and big business determining a day of celebration for us, we hijacked it back.

Fuck the man, Valentine's Day is now our own.

With that said, I'm amazed that Nicky has put up with all my bullshit over the last five years. I wouldn't have accomplished as much as I've done in the last five years without her in my life, which makes me one of the luckiest people I know.

Nicky always cooks for me, but tonight, I'm going to cook for her. I can prepare a small range of dishes, but I excel in the "cooked meats" department and have a somewhat familair background in Italian food (my mother acquired recipes from Vinny the Barber's wife). Inspired by a recent viewing of the The Godfather Part II, it made sense that I went for a combination of tortellini and bolognese.


  1. Love it - one of my faves. Congrats on your 5 years...nothing to sneeze at.

  2. Congrats on the 5 years. Having spent time with the both of you I can say you compliment each other well. The end part of my high school yearbook quote goes like this..... "Two halves when they coincide that is beauty, that is love". I think that sums up you and KB in a nutshell.

    Love you both


  3. edit* should go like this "Two wholes when they coincide" not halves. the whole sentence which is part of a passage goes "Two halves have little choice but too join and yes they do make a whole but two wholes when they coincide that is beauty that is love"

    Oy vey Im getting old. Im like thats not right you two arent imcomplete peeps!!