Thursday, February 17, 2011

Forgot to Eat

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I got a late start to the writing day -- I began at 3pm as opposed to noon on Tuesday and no later than 11am last week. Despite the later start time, I still put in a productive 10+ hour day. I finished around 1:30am.

But, along the way I got so caught up in editing and I forgot to eat dinner.

Nicky is in Brazil on a work assignment. Had she been here, at some point around 8pm she would have popped her head in my office and reminded me to eat and that most of our favorite eateries close between 9 and 10.

But by the time I noticed that I missed dinner -- it was closer to Midnight.

By the time I finished printing out a few things and answering email, it was closer to 2:30am. Instead of dinner, I drank two cocktails starting and watched Top Chef. By the time it finished, I was starving and wanting another rum drink. I decided to skip both and try to crash before 6am.

I have a lunch meeting around 1pm. I hope I can hold out to eat until then...

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  1. At my last job, I had a nice office all to my self. The rest of the company was on another floor. If I didn't set an alarm for lunch, I would just keep working, writing code and listening to tunes and then finally get hungry around 4 pm. Too late to get a bite to eat since OhCountess would have dinner ready at 5:30 at home. D'oh!