Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Prophet

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

A Prophet is a French prison film recommended by Benjo. He actually bought me a copy last summer. I finally got around to watching it. Here's my thoughts...
A Prophet

Fresh fish.
Easy target.
No protection.
Stolen sneakers.
Thugs walk right over him.
Upside to French jail? Baugettes.
Queers in the shower.
But, no hummers for hash.
The crew finds the kid in the yard.
Simple proposition.
Kill or be killed.
Practicing with razors.
Reflections of slashes inner cheeks.
The day of reckoning.
Blood trickles.
No ball massage needed.
Throat slit.
Blood sprays.
No blood on sneakers.
The kid gets protection.
Makes coffee.
Haunted by the ghost of the man he whacked.
Sharing the same cell.
Tormented guilt.
Sometimes, the ghost smoked cigarettes.
Other times, he appears as a smoldering fire.
Protection is welcomed, but assimilation arduous.
The Arabs consider the kid one of the Corsicans.
The Corsicans belittle the kid as an Arab.
The curt insults and snide remarks pile up.
More coffee.
The gypsy hash man cometh.
He slings hash rocks in the yard.
And loves porn in castles.
Because the girls are more classy looking.
The kid befriends a musilm...with nut cancer.
The kid, once illiterate, learns to read.
He secretly learned the Corsican dialect.
Sounded like a mixture of French and Italian.
Most of the crew got paroled.
Except the Boss.
The nut cancer muslim also gets out early.
The kid gets default.
Becomes the #2.
Gets new cell.
Upgrade to TV.
Watches porn.
Gets a goth-looking hooker for visiting day.
The kid's good behavior gets him a half-day furlough.
The Boss takes advantage.
The kid goes on a mission.
A suitcase filled with Euros.
One of the crew is returned.
The kid plans his own smuggling venture.
Hash runs from Paris.
Beaucoup kilos.
Kid returns to prison.
Kid has dreams, vivid dreams.
Antelopes and deer.
Running out of control on a highway.
The Boss sends him out again.
Lets him in on his business.
Casinos and sot machines.
Next furlough.
The kid flies on an airplane.
First time.
He gets picked up and hands tied.
Then cuts a deal for the Boss.
But not before...he predicts something bad.
He begged the driver to slow down.
The deer exploded.
Smashed the windshield.
The thugs dubbed him...
The prophet.
The thugs want the Boss to kill a rat on the Corisican crew.
The prophet returned to jail...
30 minutes late.
Guard let it slide.
All guards are on the take.
Hash man introduces heroin to the prophet.
The prophet rides the H Train on Christmas.
Joyuex Noel.
The Boss sends the prophet on an epic mission.
To kill the Boss' Boss.
The nut cancer muslim visits.
Reveals his ticking clock.
The prophet and the nut cancer guy agree.
The mission...risk heavy.
The prophet fearless.
The nut cancer muslim with nothing to lose.
The ambush in Paris.
Not what it seems.
Plans runs awry.
The prophet whacks bodyguards.
Yet let's the boss' boss live.
The prophet returns.
Tossed in the hole. 40 days. 40 nights.
The prophets chooses a new side in the yard...
...with the Muslims.
Boss tries to hang out.
But gets beat down.
The prophet new day of reckoning arrived.
His friend with nut sack cancer -- now dead.
But his wife and child -- become under the protection of the...Prophet.
Thanks again to Benjo or the heads-up on A Prophet.

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