Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Truckin - February 2011, Vol. 10, Issue 2

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

The latest issue of Truckin' is here. Enjoy these five stories...

1. Sweet T'ings by Paul McGuire
The flavor of the Bahamas ran up my nose when I unpacked my bag and caught a whiff of my dirty clothes. If you ever want a quick and last memory of a vacation spot, just quickly inhale your clothes as soon as you unpack them...More

2. Early Night by Alex Villegas
I lit up and began my prowl around the casino. As a lone hunter I had to pick my prey wisely. But this time, the prey found me. I was on the second floor of the Rio casino stumbling about when she found me. She had a punkish mohawk and was equally as drunk as I was. Maybe drunker. We locked eyes and the inebriation served as a catalyst for horny telepathy...More

3. The Almond Tree by May B. Yesno
I'm predisposed to flights of imagination at this time and these email and referrals are not helping my mental health. They stir the still, quiet, layers of the mind and bubbles rise. There's a fellow here in my apartment building I have an occasional drink with at the local watering hole and after listening to me explain the mini-crisis I was under going said I was crazy and the only thing rising was methane...More

4. Valley Girls by Mark Verve
Everyone on the set knows that she'll never rise above the status of fluffer. It's just a matter time until she figures it out. I've watched her for several weeks now as she earned two hundred dollars a day plying her trade on command. She does her work day after day with a surprising enthusiasm. It almost appears as if she enjoys it... More

5. Training Wheels by AlCantHang
In the short term I was defeated by the bionic liver of my friend. In the long term I have come close to mastering the delicate balance of hard booze versus functionality with a few spectacular failures along the way. But I now had my drink of choice... More
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