Tuesday, March 01, 2011

McNugs: Drinking Rum Again Diary, Scoring Adderall, Melo Trade, Avoiding Wall Street Stereotypes. and American Idol WTF?

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I'm a fan of link dumps (reading and creating) because you can share a bunch of diverse links in a simple post. I utilize link dumps on my other sites, specifically the Tao of Fear (Monday Morning Red Pill) and Tao of Poker (which I re-branded "The Nugs" like the "Monday Morning Nugs" or "Hump Day Nugs"). But I realized that I rarely do that here. Maybe we should change that, eh?

So, here are a bunch of random links that I shared with friends, or friends of mine passed along to me this week. Welcome to the first installment of McNugs...
Benjo sent me this piece about Bruce Robinson, a screenwriter and recovering alcoholic who went back on the sauce when penning the screenplay to Hunter Thompson's first novel. I started drinking again because of 'The Rum Diary'. (The Independent)

Faking ADHD to Score Adderall? Be careful because doctors are now onto you. So unless you're a Shakespearean actor or a professional poker player and can pull off a masterful bluff during a consultation, maybe you should improve your poker face when trying to score Addys. (io9)

Re: Carmelo Anthony's trade to the NY Knicks... one of my favorite sportswriters, Steve Rosenbloom, sounded off on the Melo trade (from the Chicago Bulls perspective). (Rosen Blog)

25 Guys to Avoid on Wall Street made me laugh. It's not just humor fall Wall Street. A couple of friends of mine in regular companies said that the list could apply to their office/industry. (CNBC)

Nicky wrote something about American Idol. Don't know what the hell she's talking about, but if you like AI, then check out... American Idol: Good, Bad and WTF? (Pot Committed)
That's all I got.

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