Friday, April 08, 2011

22 Truckin' Shorties and 4 Gambling-Themed Essays

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I've written a few longer pieces, too shitty to be called essays, but "pieces "sounds too trite, like "pieces of severed body parts found at a gruesome crime scene."

Anyway, I don't have time for an internal semantic argument. Here's the links from a few noteworthy items on Tao of Poker that might be suitable for non-poker audiences because the topic ranged from basketball to cricket to baseball, not to mention a bit of philosophy, "found" art, and Phish lyrics thrown into the mix...
Down With Diseased Monkeys
Feed Me Billy's Picks
Sweating Sachin Tendulkar
Orphaned Cards
Here's 22 bits that I wrote for Truckin' including everything from the 2010 and 2011 issues....
Solomon's Cranium (April 2011)
Matisse's Chorizo (March (2011)
Sweet T'ings (February 2011)
Waiting on Eastman (January 2011)
Christmas Bird (December 2010)
Hot August (November 2010)
The Wait (October 2010)
Punta del Mota (September 2010)
Invisible (August 2010)
Bryant Park (August 2010)
Everest (July 2010)
Free (July 2010)
Inertia Junction (June 2010)
152 Peaches (June 2010)
Uncle Louie (May 2010)
Lovers' Whirlwind (April 2010)
Hip Cat Jargon (April 2010)
Purple Pajamas (March 2010)
Lymie Malibu (February 2010)
China Rider (February 2010)
Tubes Under Sand (January 2010)
Dispatches from Miami: The Lot (January 2010)
Nibble on that for a while...

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