Sunday, April 10, 2011

Star Gates, Obama, and Hmmmmmm

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

The Joker is the resident ufologist and professor of intergalactic happenings over at Tao of Fear. He recently posted a video about The Disclosure Project. Take the interview for what its worth. Some of the random things said were so bizarre and fascinating that I definitely got at least three screenplay ideas and a potential book trilogy concept out of the first forty minutes.

But then...(cue the X-Files alien flue theme song)... the video mysterious stopped playing. Nicky's iPad was frozen. I had to reboot and everything was fine. But it was really freaky because it went out at revelatory moment in the interview...hmmmmm? Anyway, I checked out the video a second time and it works perfectly.

Here's some actual quotes...
- "We went into Iraq for the Star Gates. Everyone thinks it's oil but it was the Star Gates all along."

- "I can't imagine how crazy the world is going to be in the next twenty to thirty years."

- "People of Earth may not be that amenable."

- "The Anunnaki are on the planet and in control.... and not President Obama."

- "President Kennedy was taken out for that he reason. He was a problem to those people."

- "What about the reptilians?"

- "Would persuasive holograms ultimately do the job?"

- "We're going to have nano chips in us to connect to the web."

- "We're going to be unrecognizable (as humans) in the future..."

- "We've actually have had our lives threatened."

- "In Spielberg's case... what's his message other than to say there's ETs here? Big deal."
Go read the Joker's post Futuretalk with Rich Dolan and watch the video for yourself.

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  1. Of course, being that they're are disclosing the conspiracy, I sense that they're part of a much greater, much darker and incredibly hidden evil conspiracy..

    I always known it. That's what makes me smarter than everyone else!