Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thanks to Liz

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

For centuries, artists have been relying upon patrons of the arts to assist with projects. For the a few hundred years, the Catholic Church had been employing artisans of all types to do work on cathedrals, the Vatican, and many of the most famous paintings in the art world today. As power transferred from the church to sovereign states, it was those nation states that helped fund the arts. And as power changed hands from nations into corporations, the 20th and 21st century artists had to rely upon corporate states to fund their artistic visions.

In 2011, I'm in a fortuitous situation compared to thousands of other struggling writers. In a few weeks I'm releasing Jack Tripper Stole My Dog, which means there's two ways readers and friends can support my writing -- buy buying Lost Vegas or JTSMD. It's taken me over a decade to get this model up and running. My main goal is to be able to sustain myself with book sales in order to keep my web ramblings free of charge and to fund future literary projects.

At the same time, I fortunate to have a patron of the arts -- Liz Lieu. If you don't know, a few years back Liz gave me an awesome Christmas present and funded a "pro" Flick page for yours truly, which meant that I had the unlimited ability to post as many photos as I wanted and create as many galleries as I saw fit. As a result, I had a concrete platform to showcase all of my photos, especially from Phish tour, Las Vegas/WSOP, and all of those random places I visited on my international travels. All thanks to Liz.

So if you enjoy the massive gallery of food pics, well, you have Liz gets some credit in keeping that alive.

In addition, the last four galleries that I uploaded to document my Peru journey wouldn't have been possible without the Liz's generosity. Check out those galleries here:
Machu Picchu
Aguas Calientes
Cusco, Peru and Saqsayhuaman Ruins
Lima, Peru
Thanks again to Liz for being a true patron of the arts!

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