Friday, October 14, 2011

The Difference Between Hope and Occupy

By Pauly
San Francisco, CA

What a difference three years makes, eh?

Nothing has "changed" since Shepard Fairey introduced the campaign sign that invigorated a nation and gave the world a glimmer of hope. Yes, nothing has changed. The system, the machine, the Matrix -- whatever you want to call it -- is the same. It's still broken. We can't fix it. The only way to make it work is to bring down the whole fucking thing.



I'm not going to piss on Obama, because I saw him for what he was -- a puppet -- just like every one before him. Obama was a pawn for Wall Street and big business from the get go. I saw right through the charade. I didn't vote for him. I have never voted for anyone representing the two-party system. Republican. Democrats. Repubocrat. Demlican. Same suit, different color tie.

I wanted a radical change in 2008, so I voted for a black woman -- Cynthia McKinney. Yeah, I bet you didn't know that a black woman ran for President in 2008 because the MSM focused on Obama mania and the maelstrom surrounding Sarah Palin's addition to the GOP ticket. McKinney, had she been elected, would've shaken the system to the core including ending the war in Iraq and auditing the Federal Reserve Bank, which has never been audited by the government. Alas, if anyone steps into the White House they know what will happen to them if they cross the folks who put them in power. That reminds me of an old comedy bit from Bill Hicks -- that after the President gets elected, on the first day he moves into the White House, they show him the Zapruder film of JFK getting his head blown up. The threat of you or family being used a target for shooting practice is enough to convince any person to fuck over the American people.

Not too many Americans (even the ones who voted) knew anything about Cynthia McKinney and her platform because the power brokers (the MSM's overlords) do not like the press shining any light on third party candidates, or anything outside the realm of the two-party system. You can't let the sheeple get used to multiple choices, then they'll demand more and more, which in the end means fewer profits for the elites in power.

How come you can order happy meals at McDonald's in three different sizes, yet in politics you have only two?

Your choices are Coke or Pepsi and that's it. But, I never liked soda. I'm an iced tea kinda guy. Big Ass Iced Tea, which is a code for Jeffersonian Anarchist. Thomas Jefferson believed in revolutions every seven years because he felt that anyone (person or institution) in power longer than seven years would become corrupted.

Is anyone else insulted that the United States of 300 million Americans and 12 million illegals live under the illusion of democracy? Because our political needs are met by either the guy on the right, or the guy on the left. If you live in a blue state, you vote for the man in blue. If you're red, you vote for the man in red. Divisive politics. Divide and conquer. Everyone took the bait. Blame the other side while the folks behind the curtain are tugging at the strings controlling the puppets in Washington.

Your choices at the polls are limited to two choices. Red or Blue and that's it. So much for a multi-colored world resembling the Crayola box. And if any third party candidate, like Ralph Nader in 2000, started to appeal to the masses and gain any sort of momentum, the establishment went out of their way to trash him, undermine his platform, or spin some other nonsense using the long, slithery tentacles of the big business-controlled MSM.

"Oh, you voted for Ralph Nader in 2000? You're the asshole who cost Al Gore the election."

You have no idea how many sheeple tried to shove that piece of brainwashed rhetoric down my throat. Um, no my darling, Moonbeam, I didn't cost Al Gore the election. You should blame his inept, out-of-touch campaign staff, or better yet, join the tin-foil hat wearing crowd and pass blame on the Bush Junta for stealing the election in one of the most crooked states in the union -- Florida -- where his brother just happened to be the governor.

At that point during the height of the hanging chad debacle at the end of 2000, I gave up on politics altogether. Sheeple don't want real change, otherwise they would have started a revolution years ago. At this juncture, it's too painful to accept the fact that your entire world view is wrong and you were duped, because everything you've been taught is not quite right because the fix was in before you even woke up in the morning. And even more depressing is the fact when you learn that George Orwell was right in his book Animal Farm... that we're just pigs waiting to be slaughtered.

Simply put, it's easier to ignore reality than to deal with it, or better yet, view reality through the distorted lens of the media (both lefty liberal and righty conservative). But for the angry unemployed, upset masses and anti-war protesters, Obama came along and appeared to be the antidote to all of their problems. He wasn't the almighty cure and instead, everyone swallowed the Kool-Aid, which bought some sinister fuckers in pinstripes more time to finish fleecing America before they ran out the back door with your money. Now those slimy fuckers on Wall Street are railing foot-long lines of the finest cocaine on yachts the size of Walmart somewhere in the Caribbean, and laughing their asses off as they burn your money on fire to light a cigarette for a $2,000/hour, Eastern European call girl.

Obama unleashed a riveting and sensational speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention (a post modern version of speeches ripped right out of Bobby Kennedy's playbook) and from that point on, Obama was being primed for the Savior. The Great Black Hope. Obama embarked on a run for the White House in 2008 because he had millions of Americans desperate for change literally eating out of his palms. They were hopeless souls seeking hope in a hopeless world. Throw in a clever social media campaign (via Facebook appealing to sheeple, and Twitter appealing to tech geeks and hipsters) and a piece of Shepard Fairey's art work that will always be synonymous with Barack Obama, and you have the recipe of a powerful mind control campaign.

The "hope" and "change" buzzwords blinded the truths hidden in plain sight. You should have known Obama's backers were planning a "smash and grab" job the moment he started naming his cabinet -- a transition team of former Wall Street execs -- many of them were former employees or represented the evil empire of Goldman Sachs (whom Matt Taibbi referred to as "vampire squids"). Obama's cabinet choices should have tipped off his hand that his government will cover up the 2008 financial crisis.

Obama's backers pulled off a well-timed financial coup and successfully duped Americans, just like so many of them were hoodwinked on the war on terror during Bush 2.0. Let's not forget that we should have heard the drums of war beating in the background when Bush 2.0 assembled his team -- spearheaded by Dick Cheney (aka the Cigarette Smoking Man) and Donald Rumsfield. Bush 1.0 and his cronies from the Carlyle Group were calling the shots using Bush 2.0 as their bungling puppet, and they carefully selected well-known war hawks, energy/oil execs, and members of the military industrial complex to be the backbone Bush 2.0's cabinet/cabal/inner circle. Before he moved into the White House after winning the 2000 election, the Bush Junta was primed for war.

In 2008, in the weeks leading up to the election, millions of Americans were ensconced in Obama mania, which was a well-timed distraction from the financial pillaging of America's coffers. Billions and billions in bailouts were given to degenerate gamblers at big banks, brokerage houses, and insurance companies. Anyone deemed "too big to fail" was bailed out by the federal government. It took three years for the masses to wake up to the largest theft in the history of the world, but I'm glad they finally did.

Occupy Wall Street sprang up last month. That's the name of the movement. It has a Facebook page and a twitter hash tag (I've been using #OWS but there's also #OccupyWallStreet). Don't be confused with the label. What you're seeing is the Revolution.

It's here. What are you going to do about it? Join in, fight it, but do something. Please don't keep your head in the sand any longer.

The powers brokers controlling the media want you to think this revolution was an impulsive act by a bunch of dirty hippies drugged out of their minds who decided to camp out down on Wall Street and whine about not having jobs. And if the protests ended after a few days, the MSM would have succeeded in spinning the real reason people were so pissed off. But, their plan to demonize protesters with condescending labels backfired. It's been four weeks now, the protests spread across the country, and the protesters are not going anywhere. This really isn't about Occupying Wall Street or being anti-corporations or against Big Business. This is a revolution. This is the Revolution.

If you're still confused about what's going on, then please read this: graphs and pie charts showing what people are so pissed off about.

The Revolution is here and the MSM doesn't get what Occupy Wall Street is all about, which is part of the reason they don't want you to know about it. It started in Zuccotti Park and has spread across the country. It took almost a month before it's flared up across the world.

The MSM is trying to hide the revolution from you. Why? Because those who own MSM outlets don't want themselves, their golf buddies or Ivy League classmates to be lynched by angry mobs, which will have it beamed live around the world via live webcams (like Global Revolution). The protesters are just like you and me. Some of them have long hair. Some of them are bald. Some of them have jobs. Some of them are from the Right and some are original Tea Party patriots. Some of them are veterans from Iraq. Some of them, like me, used to work on Wall Street. We all know the system is broken and Obama will never help us (in fact he's ignoring the revolution), so the only way to bring on change... is to create change ourselves.

The movement wants the power to return back to the people and take it away from a small group of mega-wealthy corporations and powerful families. It's about reinstating the rules to the game to make it more fair, instead of all of us having zero semblance of hope playing in a rigged game.

Life is rigged. Wall Street is rigged. What are you going to do about it?

This isn't a political issue. It's not about red or blue. Or right or left. The folks in power are getting super desperate and will try to turn us against each other. It's a cheap tactic that has been effective for centuries. Divide and conquer. Please, don't fall for it. We're all in this together. One of the most amazing things I've seen about Occupy Wall Street is that it's brought citizens from both sides of the spectrum together in a united front. That scares the shit out of the power base. They maintain power as long as every one is distracted while squabbling over "hot button" issues like abortion and gays in the military.

This revolution is about the haves versus the have nots. If you're reading this, you're a "have not" or in other numbers -- you're a member the 99% against the 1% that control the majority of the wealth. I hate to bust your bubble if you think you're one of the "haves"... because you're definitely not. I actually feel sorry for you if you do. The saddest cases are the ones who think they are "haves," yet they are blindly being used to do the dirty work for the "haves" by suppressing accurate reporting of the revolution.

Read this independent report of Occupy Wall Street (posted last week). That's one of the best pieces of journalism I've seen about the protests.

And kudos to the gang at Mother Jones (and @MotherJones on Twitter). They lived up to their billing as "smart, fearless journalism", meanwhile the titans of the MSM completely ignored, downplayed, or tweaked the real story -- including the so-called liberal outlets like the NY Times and MSNBC. Let's not forget their corporate overlords are a part of the establishment that the revolutionaries want to bring down.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the fifth week of the Occupy Wall Street protests in Zuccotti Park down in Lower Manhattan. Who would've thought three years ago when you saw the original Obama "hope" poster, that the entire world would be on the brink of global economic collapse and the country was on the cusp of a civil war?

Educate yourselves. Do your own research. Stop watching Snooki and start reading books like Griftopia: A Story of Bankers, Politicians, and the Most Audacious Power Grab in American History, or watch a documentary film about the financial crisis like Inside Job, or Meltdown.

And if you've been aimless and wandering around without any direction, well then, there's a good cause out there that needs your help.

This is your wake up call. Time to bring America back to the people.

* * *

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  1. A+ People need to wipe the ambien out of their eyes and wake up. Viva La Revolucion!

  2. Great post. But I'll vote for the guy again, with my eyes open, again. Of course you're right about the overall trajectory of our system, and how the 2 party system just makes it worse. But really, there's huge practical differences in the way the 2 parties govern.