Saturday, October 06, 2012

Sports Writing and Everything Is Bettable Podcast

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Six months ago, Jesse May offered me a juicy opportunity to join him in launching MatchBook Media, a brand new sportsbetting site based in the United Kingdom. Jesse hired me as MatchBook's correspondent "across the pond" specializing American-centric sports like the NBA, MLB, NHL, and the NFL.

Yes, it was like a dream come true... collaborating with Jesse and penning sportsbetting articles. All of my MatchBook columns can be found here. During the NFL season, I will be specifically covering Monday Night Football, which is often the most heavily bet game of the week.

Just the other day, I wrote a preview of the upcoming MLB playoffs. Last month, Jesse handed me the difficult assignment of writing about the N.Y. Yankees' collapse after they blew a 10-game lead.

Earlier in the summer, I got the chance to write about the London Olympics including a piece comparing the original Dream Team from 1992 with the 2012's Team USA. Probably my favorite article was something I whipped up about 12 weird sporting events that should be in the Olympics like competitive eating and the Running of the Bulls.

I even got to write about soccer, which the Brits hilariously refer to as 'football.' I had no idea what I was doing betting on the Euro 2012 championships, but I somehow luckboxed my way into winning a few hundred quid on Spain. I wrote about the Euro Cup in something titled Ode to Keira Knightly. Yes, I'm not embarrassed to say that everything I know about soccer I learned from movies like Victory and Bend It Like Beckham.

In addition to being editor, Jesse May also hosts a podcast for MatchBook called Everything Is Bettable. Talk about a kick-ass title! I'll be appearing on every podcast as Jesse's sidekick, or "betting compadre" as he refers to me. We recorded two episodes and we're still working out the kinks.

I appear in the opening segment and the closing segment in both episodes...
Everything Is Bettable - Episode 1: Jesse called me out after my girlfriend caught me betting on a totally random the Baylor/UL-Monroe game. Plus, we discussed Floyd Mayweather's betting degeneracy and the debacle on Monday Night Football (Seattle and Green Bay) that led to the removal of replacement refs. Listen here.

Everything Is Bettable - Episode 2: Jesse grilled me about the Jets' embarrassing 34-0 blowout against the Niners and why I'm on PMST aka Perpetual-Mark-Sanchez-Tilt. We also chatted about why I bet a blind tip when I found out the TCU's QB was arrested with a DWI. In the second segment, we discussed the upcoming baseball playoffs and why I think the Yankees are under-looked and why I'm digging the red-hot Oakland A's. Listen here.
By the way, MatchBook Media has their own Twitter feed -- @TeamMatchBook. You can find a complete index of my MatchBook Media columns here, and you can find an index of all of MatchBook Media's podcasts here.


  1. Pauly, I thought you were dead... Good to hear you're not

  2. I knew you were alive but I've been following you in your new corners of the interwebs.