Saturday, December 01, 2012

30 Days of Depravity

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for my dear friend Katitude from the Great White North for encouraging me to get off my ass, shake off the rust, and returning to "everyday blogging" during the month of November. If she wasn't doing NaBloMo... then I would have blown off a web-based project that I always wanted to do, but never had the time to do it.

Yes, I puked up over 35,000 words in the last four weeks on Ocelot Sports and let everyone inside the twisted and half-baked mind of a sports gambler.

After taking almost a year off, November 2012 was really a crazy month. I was swamped with a couple of new work projects (poker and sports betting), then I got hired by a French company to build a website, and the usual freelance magazine work plus spending a couple of hours every day handicapping games in multiple sports. Oh, how could I forget the podcast with Jesse and then toss in the Turkey Day holidays and a quick trip to Seattle. All that jam packed into 30 days. Yeah, I barely had time to sleep.

Now that November is over... should I keep on blogging about sports (betting)? The bad news is... I probably won't post something every day. The good news is... that I'm going to keep up Ocelot Sports for at least the rest of the year and then make a decision about keeping it up in 2013. My gut is telling me to keep writing about sports and continue a blogging hiatus on poker. I have enough time to do one, but not both. After dedicating 8+ years to one genre on Tao of Poker, I've feeling more inclined to allocate time and energy into a new genre.

Anyway... in case you missed what I've been doing with myself in November, here's a link to the Ocelot Sports archives.

Here's a quick link to every single post over the last 30 days about football, basketball, winning streaks, losing streaks, backup QBs, fired head coaches, Tim Tebow, Kim Kardashian's hubby getting into a cat fight, show-off zebras, craptacular commissioners, how we made a shit-ton of cash betting on the Election, and more GIFs that will make your head spin...
Halloween: Tricks, Treats, and Fear the Beard
Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines
Top Billing for the Clippers
The Howl of a Saturday Night Duck 
The Redskins Rule
Post-Election Mittens Blues and Knicks 3-0
Bringing the Wolf
Shaved Heads and the Non-Mush
Kobe Shoots Daggers Out of His Eyes
Ugly Guts and Bama Busts
Seachickens, Bowling Alleys, and Pai Gow
A Curious Case of Byron Leftwich
Fading the Bible Belt and Knicks 5-0
The Bobkittens Nevermore
Eurotrash Dildos and Knicks 6-0
Hawaii Covers and the Knicks Finally Lose
Sometimes It Rains
The Streak, Cadillac Rainbows, and Lots of Spaghetti
Safety Dance
Melo Elbows
Eating the Bar and Stealing Patrick Ewing's TV
Turkey Day and LOL-Jets
Black-Hearted Friday
Turn a Deeper Blue
4th and 29 and Fireman Ed's Swan Song
Philly Brown Bags, the Winless Wiz, and Bobkittens Blowout
The Unbearable Likeness of Joey Crawford
Cat Scratch Fever: Rondo-Kardashian Claw Fight
Brees Grounded and Pop's Sleep Plan
Soggy Fields, the Orlando Tragic, and Aussie Soccer

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