Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best of the Best: 2012 Year in Review

By Pauly
New York City

I didn't share much this year, but on the rare occasions I did post something on Tao of Pauly, I went for a less is more approach, so everything I posted was top notch...
Dope Sick DMV
The Accidental Coach
Roger in the Sky with Diamonds
Time, Clocks, Existence, and Time Wave Zero

I only posted once on Tao of Poker in 2012 in something titled Dear Ndugu. I essentially took a hiatus from poker in 2012 with the exception of maintaining a monthly column at Bluff Magazine.

 You can say that Bluff is the only place where you can exclusively read my poker content. That's where I wrote profiles of three different poker pros (Sailor Roberts, Shirley Rosario, and Brandon Schaefer), while three columns were inspired by my time in San Francisco (The Degen Market, Super Bowl, and Ice Palace Home Game) and all three are a part of a larger gambling series about gambling in the Bay Area. I got a little political (Black Friday Reprise) and even went the pop culture route (Zombies, Hollywood, and Poker and Tao of Joey Knish) As per usual, I wrote a few stories about Las Vegas (Vegas 40 and Glass Tappers), and even shared a WSOP flashback (No Country for Old Men).

Here's my columns in Bluff Magazine during 2012...
The Degen Market
Zombies, Hollywood, and Poker
The Tao of Knish
Black Friday Reprise
The Super Bowl
Vegas 40
No Country for Old Men
Brandon Schaefer: Good Guys Wear Gold
The Queen of Machu Picchu
Ice Palace Home Game
Sailor Roberts: The Life of the Party
Vegas Glass Tappers

While I took some time away from writing about poker, I delved into music writing. The one thing that ruffled the most feathers was my cheap shot at Lana Del Rey with Lana Del Rey Shitshow. Over at Coventry, I wrote recaps/reviews of 20 out of the 25 or so Phish concerts that I caught this summer...
Atlantic City #1: Satan Standing on the Beach
Atlantic City #2: Manteca-Light Sand Funk Fiesta
Atlantic City #3: Mothership Extraction
Cincy: Can You Still Have Fun?
Burgettstown: Tweakpaug
Blossom: Tweeze Away
Deer Creek #1: Heat Wave Hijinks
Deer Creek #2: Master Blaster
Alpine Valley #1: Float With the Flock
Alpine Valley #2: Gotta Get Out of This Maze
Jones Beach #2: Head Held High
SPAC #1: Light Up the Sally Ghost
SPAC #2: Blistering Sabotage
Long Beach: Wednesday Night Bieber
San Francisco #1: Touch the Magic
San Francisco #2: Lost in Space
San Francisco #3: Sunday Scorcher
Atlanta: Return to Lakewood
Charlotte: The Church of Phish
St. Louis: Turn My Brain to Mush

Over the summer, Matchbook hired me to write about sports betting. You can read all of my Matchbook columns here. If you're not familiar with Matchbook, it is a British sports betting site and I'm their American correspondent focusing on American sports. I got to write about other sports too like the Euro 2012 soccer championships and the Summer Olympics.
Euro 2012: Ode to Keira Knightly
Dream Team (1992) vs. Team USA (2012)
12 Random Sporting Events That Should Be in the Olympics
Collapse of the Yankees
NBA: East Preview
NBA: West Preview

I wrote a weekly column covering a Monday Night Football betting preview during the NFL season (click here to read those). I also wrote a preview of the gold medal round for Olympic basketballNFL Season Preview, Stanley Cups Finals Preview, MLB Playoffs Preview, ALCS/NLCS Preview and World Series Betting Preview.

 I also turned my focus to a new project and launching a new site to showcase my sports writing. In 2013, I shall write more about the day-to-day grind of investing in sports betting. I expanded upon those topics over at Ocelot Sports.

Here's some of my favorite pieces from Ocelot Sports...
The Howl of a Saturday Night Duck
The Redskins Rule
Election 2012: Betting on Obama 2.0
Post-Election Mittens Blues
Bringing in the Wolf
Shaved Heads and the Non-Mush
Kobe Shoots Daggers Out of His Eyes
A Curious Case of Byron Leftwich
Fading the Bible Belt and Knicks 5-0
Hawaii Covers and the Knicks Finally Lose
The Streak, Cadillac Rainbows, and Lots of Spaghetti
Turkey Day and LOL-Jets
4th and 29 and Fireman Ed's Swan Song
The Unbearable Likeness of Joey Crawford
Over 88, Helicopter Ben, and Hillary's Ice Box
Vegas: The Feeling I Forgot
Story of the Ghost: Giovanni Carmazzi
Wastleand: The Burial of the Jets
 You can check out more stuff over at the website... Ocelot Sports. And don't forget to follow them on Twitter over at @OcelotSports.

That's it. Everything. Like a I said, I didn't write much in 2012. That should change in 2013. I'll continue to write every day about a multitude of topics. Who knows where I'll be on any given day. That's wy it's best you tune in here or follow me on Twitter at @TaoPauly. Thanks for reading.

Happy New Year!

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