Saturday, February 23, 2013

Around the Horn: Slums, Music Memories, Bad Bands and Shit Bags

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

In case you just woke up out of a coma, here is what you missed this past week on Tao of Pauly...
Permanent Records, Credit Scores, and Chocolate Conspiracy Theories - Nicky and I celebrated our anniversary. Yeah, shocker but I've been with my girlfriend for seven years! Oh, and whether we like it or not, banksters prey on the lazy ones looking to buy a shortcut to the American Dream.

Arbiters of Taste - Music is something that affects your memory whether we like it or not.

Bad Bands - I had fun writing this one about why nothing is worse than seeing a bad band.

The Slums' Swing - There's a huge difference between my neighbors in San Francisco and Los Angeles. More musings from the Slums of Beverly Hills.

Red Plastic Bag - Ever have to take a shit on an airplane? Disclaimer and Warning... this is a very disgusting post.

I wrote a couple of things for Ocelot Sports...
NBA: On the Eve of the Trade Deadline
Dock Ellis and the Electric Kool-Aid No Hitter

This week's writing music included...
Out to Lunch by Eric Dolphy
Clubhouse by Dexter Gordon
Sand by Phish

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